101 Remarkable Things to Do in Jordan (2023)

Jordan may be a small country in size and population, but it offers incredible landscapes and unparalleled historical experiences. From religious sites, adventure activities, ancient wonders and delicious food, there are too many things to do in Jordan to fit into one visit. This list contains all the must-see attractions, top 10, and top tourist attractions. But there are also off-the-beaten-track things to do in Jordan and unique things that a visitor might like but might not even know exists!

101 Remarkable Things to Do in Jordan

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Top 10 things to do in Jordan

If you list all the things to do in Jordan, these are the top 10 most popular and spectacular and should be at the top of every visitor's bucket list. WhileJordan is probably best known fordie of color rosenstadtPetra, there are many more things every visitor should do during their visit. If you only have time for these top 10, that's fine, but if you want to delve deeper into the country, read on because there's so much more to do!

Cover yourself in mud and let the Dead Sea float

The lowest point on earthMore Totes, lies on Jordan's western border with Israel. It is 400 m below sea level (did you know that sea level is based on the Mediterranean Sea?). Its location at the lowest point on Earth offers curious tourists more than just a salt bath attraction. The air in this area has a higher concentration of oxygen and its rich mineral properties attract people from all over the world who are suffering from various types of skin diseases and rheumatism.

The Dead Sea is disappearing at an alarming rate. This is mainly due to the additional pressure being placed on the Jordan River and neighboring rivers as a source of water for Israel and Jordan. Some estimates say it will be dry in 30 years without any intervention. It used to be 57 kilometers long, today it is about 47 kilometers and its shores are shrinking by about a meter each year. There are calls to bring in water from the Red Sea, but no projects are underway to make that happen. If getting covered in mineral-rich mud is on your bucket list, head to Jordan and check it out before it's gone!

Top tip for Dead Sea mud baths: avoid eye area (and forehead) when rubbing in body lotion, salt water rinse will sting if it comes into contact with eyes! Keeping the mud on your cheeks, chin and bottom can help you avoid this discomfort!

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WANT TO BOOK A DEAD SEA TOUR?Check out a popular tourHere.

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Visit Petra

Petra,The rock-hewn capital of the Nabataeans attracts nearly a million visitors to the kingdom each year. Lost for hundreds of years, this wonder of the world is worthy of its title. From its secret entrance through a narrow Siq to the breathtaking views of the Treasury, every visitor is left in awe.

While some visitors only have half a day, it's worth spending two or three days exploring the trails, snapping photos from every angle, and soaking up the enormity of what the Nabataeans built nearly 2,000 years ago.

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Camp in a Bedouin Tent in Wadi Rum

jordanian desertoffers visitors a visit to Mars (almost!). Its red sand dunes and towering sandstone cliffs create breathtaking landscapes that are out of this world! After seeing the desert highlights in a 4×4, visit aBedouin camp in Wadi Rumand taste traditional Jordanian food before camping out under the stars. Some camps offer evening entertainment, others have luxury tents. Whether you're on a budget or want the full 5-star experience, there's a camp for everyone.

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Visit Amman's Jebel Al Qala citadel to see the ruins of the Temple of Hercules.

and thatthe most popular photo spot in ammanAnd for good reason!

In Jabal al-Qala lie the remains of theamman citadel,and important historical place in Amman. It has been proven since 1550 a. Chr. inhabited and its advantageous location in a"Jabel"(Jabal is the Arabic word for hill) means it has been inhabited for hundreds of years and is known as one of the oldest inhabited places in the world.

At Jebel al-Qala are the massive remains of the Temple of Hercules, built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius in the 2nd century AD. C., and the Fist of Hercules, the only piece that remains of the statue of approximately 13 meters high that is attributed to him. was erected on this spot, its broken parts long looted. There is evidence that Jebel al-Qala was built around 1800 BC. C. due to its strategic location. BC is busy. You can see them from the top of the hill.Roman Theater in Downtown Amman and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Office hours: Winter 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Summer 8:00 am to 6:30 pm Friday and public holidays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Ramadan 9:30 am to 3:30 pm *Hours subject to change

For more information on how to get to the Amman Citadel, click here.Here

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Climbthe steps of the Roman Theater in Amman

After seeing it from the top of the citadel, theRoman amphitheatermust be explored from within. You can walk down a few steps from the citadel (passing some pretty graffiti) and cross the street to find the theater entrance. In fact, the hardest part of the journey from the Citadel to the Roman Theater is crossing the street.

Once you've got thousands, you'll likely have the place mostly to yourself where you can rise or preach from below and let the century-old acoustics fill the room as it's heard from every seat in the house.

The theater was carved into the side of a cliff, presumably to protect many of the 6,000 spectators it held from the sun. Built in the 2nd century AD. C., is an impressive remnant and one of Amman's most popular tourist attractions.

About 30 minutes is enough to take a quick look. Don't miss the Audium, a smaller theater once used for city meetings, located to the right of the stage.

Roman Theater Opening Hours: Winter 9:00-16:00 Summer 8:00-18:30 Fridays and Public Holidays 9:00-16:00 Ramadan 9:30-15:30 *Schedules subject to change

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eat aroundJordan's most famous restaurant: Hashem Restaurant

Hashem Restaurant is Jordan's most famous restaurant and has been in business for over 80 years. Despite its appearance, it will house King Abdullah II, the city's celebrities, residents and tourists. It's a must for all foodies!

This 24-hour vegetarian restaurant serves excellent falafel and hummus on plastic chairs and I guarantee you'll leave with a full stomach. It has indoor seating, but literally squeezed between two buildings, most guests make their way to the patio and enjoy their meal alfresco.

If you arrive directly for dinner, expect a lot of activity. If possible, try to choose an off-peak time to visit. visit toBreakfastit's always quieter. You may see queues on the street at peak hours due to the good food, reasonable prices and strategic location in the city center.

A meal for two in Hashem costs around JD4-JD10

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See the Promised Land on Madaba Map at St. George's Church

Found under the tiles of the Orthodox Church of Saint George, the Map of Madaba contains the oldest cartographic map of the Holy Land. It was part of the Byzantine church of St. George. Dates from the 6th century AD.


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Walk the Roman road in Jerash

Enjoy the shade under Hadrian's Arch

To exploreum whatBasaltstein

see through

paradeWadi Mujib

Wadi Mujib

101 Remarkable Things to Do in Jordan (8)

Diving in the Gulf of Aqaba

Enjoy the beach at a resort in Tala Bay

Try Zarb Cuisine in Wadi Rum

enjoy falafel

Visit Amman's Rainbow Street any time of day or night.

Enjoy views of the city of Wild Jordan

See the promised land where Moses wasmountain etc

Hike the Jordan Trail or a portion of it

Enter Petra through the back door through Little Petra

101 Remarkable Things to Do in Jordan (9)

Climb to Kloster

See the treasure from above

Walk the Siq in Petra

Enjoy Mansaf, a traditional Jordanian dish - Mansaf is an important dish in Jordan. Similar to a turkey dinner for an American or Canadian. It's something you should take advantage of when visiting Jordan. To learn more about it and where to try it, read this post.Mansaf Jordan.

Ride a camel at sunset in Wadi Rum, then caption your Instagram photoscamel puns

Camping in a Bedouin tentum wadi rum

Gaze at the Milky Way from Feynan EcoLodge

See the Dana Preserve from Old Town Dana

Castelo Karak

shobak castle

Qasr Amra and Desert Castles

Visit the Jordan Museum in Amman to see the Dead Sea Scrolls

Walk from Dana to Petra

Visit the main hot springs

Ajlun Castle

Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

Temple of Artemis in Jerash

Shop at the traditional markets in downtown Amman on Fridays, whether visiting or looking for something to do at the Spice Market or the Vegetable Market.souvenirs from Jordan,There is so much to see and discover!

Shop in trendy neighborhoods

Neolithic village on the outskirts of Little Petra

See traditional neighborhoods in Jebel Amman

Smoke flavored hookah at an outdoor cafe in Amman

Taste freshly roasted Turkish coffee - coffee culture is an important part of Arab traditions. You can get more information by reading this post aboutCoffee traditions in Jordan

101 Remarkable Things to Do in Jordan (10)

Enjoy a sweet Bedouin tea by the fireplace.

See Wadi Rum in a 4×4. There isThere are many great photo opportunities here!

Stroll through the vegetable market in Amman known as Souq al-Sukkar

Take the kids to Prince Hashem's Bird Garden

Try Arabic sweets

take a cooking class

Try the grilled mixed kebabs

Try the aromatic maquluba

In English, makloubeh is often called "upside down" because the way to serve the dish is to turn a huge pot upside down and pour the contents in layers of seasoned potatoes, eggplant, onions and rice on a huge plate over the table. It is often accompanied by a bang before the pot is lifted and the contents poured into an enormous bowl in the center of the table.

Take the kids to the Children's Museum

See the car collection at the Royal Automobile Museum

Azraq Wetlands

Ajlouin Nature Reserve


Enjoy Kunafeh

Kunafa is a cheese-based dessert whose sweet taste is balanced by warm melted cheese for the perfect after-dinner snack! You can find kunafa in many bakeries in Jordan.

the most belovedthere is deathin Amman, see Habibah in downtown Amman. Kunafa is a must when exploring Amman and you can see it freshly made at Habibah. Located in a small alley, you'll likely be dining with 20+ people, enjoying your dessert with a foam plate and plastic fork. There are two types of kunafeh, most easily explained in English as "smooth" or "rough". One is topped with chopped wheat.(khesna)and the other is covered with semolina(Ah, that's good).Try them both and see which one you like best.

A small portion costs about 1-2 JD

Watch the Amman sunset from one of the city's many hills

Shop for souvenirs downtown or at one of the craft shops.

try a hammam

Visit the Jordan Archaeological Museum at Jebel Al Qala

Visit Iraq Al-Amir

Explore Amman's Gold Market

Al Husseini Mosque in the center of Amã

Visit a grocery store and see how different it is from your home

Enjoy an Arabic meal with a local family.

Spend the night in a candlelit ecolodge at Feynan Ecolodge

Hike the Dana Trail to Petra

Cycling through Jordan

Taste arak, an Arabic alcohol

Explore Jordan's wine scene

Stroll along Aqaba beach at sunset

Mukawir where they beheaded John the Baptist

Enjoy a hot (or cold) drink at a roadside stall

Dirija pela Kings Highway

Climb Jordan's highest mountain in Wadi Rum

Visit Petra at night

Buy and wear a traditional scarf

Treat yourself to the many products of the Dead Sea

Visit the Kind Abdallah Mosque, the largest dome in Jordan

Visit the Little Petra fresco on the ceiling of some caves

Take the kids to the Dead Sea Water Park - Parque Acuático La Cueva

Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist towards Madaba views

Walk the tourist street of Madaba

Visit the newly opened Petra Museum

Try pomegranate or cane juice at a local shop

Visit Lots Cave, the lowest museum in the world

Take home your favorite spices from a local spice shop

Stop for Shwarma

Hot air balloon in Wadi Rum

Aqaba Local History Museum

treat yourself to harisa and dates

Castle of Aqraq

Jebal Al-Weibdeh


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Personally, I've found that the experience of a local guide gives you a lot more information about the country than you could get from a blog or guidebook. They travel the country day in and day out and know what works and what doesn't for visitors.

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