Are homemade aligners like SmileDirectClub safe? (2023)

What Are Homemade Aligners?

At-home clear aligners are a convenient orthodontic alternative to office options such asInvisalignAndcleaning repairThey can be used to treat a variety of teeth alignment problems in the comfort of your home.

Unlike Invisalign, which requires multiple visits to the dentist or orthodontist, home aligner treatments are mostly or completely remote.

popularInvisible aligners for at homeBrands include:

  • byte
  • new smile
  • Smile straight to the club
  • aligner company

Another popular brand of clear braces ishonestly, a hybrid between office and home therapy.

With Candid, you must visit a CandidPro provider (licensed dentist or orthodontist) for an initial scan and impression. The rest of the treatments are operated remotely, except for the last office visit.

Invisible aligners can save you thousands of dollars compared to braces.Learn more about clear braces.

How do homemade aligners work?

Home clear aligners usually follow the same process to begin treatment:

  1. Request an impression kit
  2. After the kit arrives, your dental impressions will be removed and returned
  3. Your impression will be assessed by a dentist to determine if you are a suitable candidate for treatment.
  4. If you are approved, a treatment plan will be drawn up for you (if not, you will usually be reimbursed)
  5. A range of clear aligners delivered to your doorstep

You use any clear aligner22+ hours a dayand only remove them when eating, drinking, brushing, or flossing (or exercising, or listening to music). each2 weeks, continue to the next clear aligner in this series.

During treatment, clear aligners will slowly move your teeth into the correct position. The total treatment time varies by brand and your levelmalocclusions(misaligned teeth).

Some house brands have telehealth apps where you see a certified dentist or orthodontist every two weeks. You can also use the apps to ask questions about your treatment.

After treatment, the last set of aligners is usually used as a retainer, which you wear every night to help align your teeth.

Are homemade aligners safe (according to orthodontists)?

For people with mild malocclusions, home aligners are safe and effective when used as directed by your dentist or orthodontist.

"Patients with mild disease are excellent candidates for home appliance therapy. In addition, patients with demanding work schedules or concerns about freeing up time for office visits will appreciate the independence this option provides. In addition, patients who are highly compliant with treatment plans and are able to To stay on track will be for maximum success in this treatment plan."

Dr A.S. Princes ship

While most dental and orthodontic professionals agree that treatment with home appliances is safe, there are some detractors.

One problem is that the treatment quality of homemade aligners is lower than that of in-office brands. While remote treatment is more convenient, there is a greater risk of error when the orthodontist cannot personally check your bite.

Some also pointed out that at-home aligners are fairly new, making reliable data on their effectiveness difficult to find.

However, most home aligner users seem to be satisfied with their treatment. One study found that homemade aligners did87.5% customer satisfaction rate.8

Is SmileDirectClub safe?

Smile Direct Club (SDC)was the first company to launch home aligners in 2014. As a result, there are more reviews and news articles about SDC than any other brand.

According to a 2020 NBC News article, some clients have reported bite and pain symptoms after undergoing SDC treatment. Other major problems include jaw problems, broken teeth, and nerve damage.

In response, Congress stepped in and asked the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate SDC. California also passed a law requiring all home brace wearers to have an office consultation before beginning treatment.

Despite this, SmileDirectClub customer reviews are very positive. Most of the reviews are written by people who have mild problems with their teeth alignment.

Are cheap homemade aligners safe?

This was shown by a study from 2020almost 88%Patients with clear aligners at home report positive treatment outcomes.8Only 6.6% said it was necessary to see a dentist or orthodontist to correct the adverse outcome.8

This includes inexpensive home aligner brands such as NewSmile and AlignerCo.

It should also be noted that these brands, as well as all listed home aligner brands:

  • Only work with qualified dentists and orthodontists.
  • mostly positive reviews
  • Made from FDA approved medical grade materials for aligners

Most dentists prefer in-office treatment over home aligners because there is less chance of mistakes. It is also easier to make necessary adjustments.

No medical treatment or procedure is without risk.

However, as long as directions are followed, home treatment with clear aligners is quite safe and effective for mild to moderate cases of malocclusion.

If your teeth are a little crooked, we recommend using clear aligners at home.Check out our top picks.

How do you ensure safe aligner treatment at home?

it's heresome adviceHere's how to minimize the risks when doing an aligner treatment at home:

  • Follow the instructions provided to ensure that your dental impression is as accurate as possible.
  • Do not receive home adjusters if you have moderate to severe malocclusion.
  • Listen to what your dentist or orthodontist has to say about your treatment plan
  • Wear clear aligners more than 22 hours a day
  • Maintain regular oral hygiene: remove aligners to brush and floss thoroughly.
  • Be sure to clean your aligners throughout the day to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Wear braces every night after treatment to keep teeth aligned

What are the safest home braces?

bothbetter and saferAlternatives to clear aligner treatment at the office include:

1. Byte (option 100% remote)

byteWith its affordable price, strong customer reviews andfast treatment time (4 to 6 months).

this is possiblesuperbyte— A device that emits high-frequency vibrations that is included in every treatment plan. This tooth movement accelerator should be worn for 5 minutes a day.

Byte claims that daily use of HyperByte reduces treatment time.

Read our comparison articlePositive and negative aspects of HyperByteand similar vibration-based alignment therapies. We also discuss the risks of teeth moving too quickly.

Byte also offers night aligners. These aligners can be worn while you sleep. This option has several drawbacks. In addition to being more expensive than traditional day aligners, they also take longer to straighten teeth.

There have also been questions about the safety of moving teeth in this way. for this reason,NewMouth recommends using only Byte All Day Aligners.

Byte All-Day Aligners are currently available on the Byte website for$ 1.999.

2. SmileDirectClub (personal scanning option)

Smile straight to the club(SDC) was a pioneer in the mail order alignment industry and is still best known. SDC offers clear aligners for day and nightwear for thousands of dollars less than braces.

There are two ways to start treatment with SDC. The first option is to visit SmileShop for a risk-free personal scan. Here, trained technicians make a 3D scan of your teeth and make sure you are fit for treatment. The second option is to order a home printing kit and have it shipped back.

If you prefer a personal scan and have a mild to moderate misalignment, we recommend SDC. They have SmileShop locations in the US and other countries.

Align the diet$ 2.050They take 4-6 months (sometimes longer) to straighten their teeth.

3. Sincerely (mixed option)

honestlyuse oneHybrid care modelCombine consultation in the office with the convenience of remote monitoring.

To begin treatment, you must visit an orthodontist or licensed dentist. After the treatment there will be another face-to-face consultation to make sure there are no problems.

After your consultation, a certified orthodontist will design and supervise your treatment. Orthodontists specialize in straightening teeth, which gives Candid an extra layer of thoroughness in the treatment process.

However, this extra thoroughness comes at a price, as Candid aligners are much more expensive than Byte. Invisible aligner costsAverage $3,300, factors such as your CandidPro provider and where you live will affect the price.

Being sincere also takes more time(4 to 12 months), they do not provide night aligners for safety reasons.

Interested in straightening your teeth at home? has herebest clear aligners company.

When are Invisalign or braces the safest choice?

Most dentists agree that office equipment andShortsThey are safer than home treatments. they are also betterSevere cases of malocclusion.

InvisalignIt is effective in treating most cases of moderate to severe malocclusion.

Braces are especially effective for complex cases because they allow the teeth to move moreprecisely.

This means that they can rotate the teeth into the correct position. They can also move individual teeth in different directions, unlike most clear aligners.

Braces may be a better option in some situations, including:

  • severely crooked or crowded teeth
  • gossip question
  • When the tooth needs to be moved vertically
  • For those who lack self-discipline, braces are worn for at least 22 hours a day

However, these options also typically cost tens of thousands of dollars and are not convenient for many people. For patients with mild to moderate malocclusions, home aligners are a convenient and affordable treatment option.

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What's next?

The most popular home clear aligner kits can be found here:

Learn more about the different brands and what they offer.


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