Cruise Croatia: Venice to Dubrovnik via Split | Brave Voyages (2023)

first day
Venice and Opatija
Bye! This Croatian adventure starts today at Venice Marco Polo Airport in Italy. Meet your team and leaders here at 1pm. rice. And transfer to Opatija by road. The journey takes about three hours and is a great opportunity to meet other travelers or take in the breathtaking scenery. Board the ship in the evening for a safety briefing, followed by your first dinner aboard the Peregrine. Stay overnight in the harbour, maybe have a drink and chat on deck.

Reis 2
Head to Krk in the morning with breakfast, enjoy a swim along the way and taste the salty Adriatic Sea for the first time. Explore glorious Krk on a guided tour on arrival and admire the ancient buildings that adorn Croatia's largest island. Transfer to a nearby farm in the afternoon to eat prsut (ham) and taste some local wine. You may find your favorite fall. As evening falls, tuck into a rustic lamb dinner in the farmhouse's dining room.

3rd day
The ship will depart from Krk in the morning for the island of Rab, which was first declared a city in 10 BC. C. Augustus, Roman Emperor. Relax with a book, soak up the sun or just enjoy the sea view during your trip. Old World Rab is perfect for exploring on foot, which you will explore with a local guide on arrival. Afterwards, you can choose whether to get your blood pumping on a 3-hour guided walk around the island, or take the time to discover for yourself why Rab is called the Pleasure Island.

fourth day
Say goodbye to Pleasure Island and sail to Zadar by boat, stopping for a swim along the way. The boat will dock in the late afternoon and disembark for a guided walking tour of the impressive old town. Finish with the famous Sea Organ, a giant instrument whose artwork features underwater pipes that create music from the waves. Listen to the beautiful and somewhat eerie sounds as you watch the sunset in Zadar, which Alfred Hitchcock once described as the most beautiful sunset in the world. Bring this grand statement to life when you watch with a glass of Maraska (cherry liqueur) in hand.

Reis 5
National Park Kornati - Telascica
The morning departure gives you plenty of time to explore Kornati National Park. Kornati consists of 89 beautiful islands and is the perfect place to spend a day exploring the beautiful bays, swimming and sunbathing. Local rangers will take you on walks around Kornati's impressive limestone cliffs, or if you prefer, you can choose to explore the bay and coves by sea kayak. The boat is anchored in the beautiful bay of Tlasca and the crew prepares a barbecue on deck. Relax with a cold drink in hand.

De 6e
Sail to Šibenik, the gateway to the Kornati Islands. The boat makes key swimming stops along the way, and upon arrival, stretch your sea legs with a stroll past landmarks such as World Heritage-listed St. James' Cathedral. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries in Gothic and Renaissance style, it is a truly magnificent building. Make the most of your afternoons and evenings and get ready for a relaxing evening on the harbour, with some local seafood.

day 7
to divide
Enjoy a morning cruise and a swim in the shimmering sea. The ship will stop in Split, the second largest city in Croatia, famous for its ancient architecture and vibrant culture. You can choose to take a guided walking tour of this fabulous city and perhaps explore Diocletian's Palace afterwards. This sprawling 4th-century complex in the center of Split houses bars, restaurants, shops and hotels within its white stone walls. Tonight, join your crew for a captain's dinner on deck.

eighth day
to divide
Your day will be as clear as the waters of the Adriatic Sea, so spend your time as you wish in beautiful Split. Perhaps take a leisurely stroll along the palm-lined Riva Harbour. Tonight, welcome a few new travelers to your crew for dinner aboard the Peregrine Dalmatia.

ninth day
Split and the Krka National Park
After a leisurely breakfast on board, you can choose to join another tour of Split with your guide and new group members. If you wish, explore the narrow streets and squares on your own and enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the old town's charming open-air restaurants. In the afternoon, take a private bus to Krka National Park. Board a small boat and explore the Krka River, visiting some of the beautiful waterfalls this park is famous for and stopping for a swim along the way. Then return to Split by bus and enjoy dinner on board.

day 10
Departure for the island of Hvar, known as the "Queen of the Dalmatian Islands". Enjoy breakfast on board, then stop for a swim in the waters of the Adriatic Sea at a nearby secluded beach. Arrive in Stari Grad, Hvar's oldest town, around noon and have lunch on board. Take a private transfer to a local honey farm to sample this delicious specialty, followed by a walk in the nearby lavender fields. Continue to the town of Hvar and explore this small but charming town on a guided walking tour. Experience the quieter side of Hvar with an overnight stay in Stari Grad. Stari Grad retains much of its old world charm and lacks the hustle and bustle found elsewhere on the island.

day 11
Depart early for Opuzen, enjoy breakfast on board and swim in the morning. Cruise down the Neretva River and enjoy lunch while gazing at the sheer cliffs towering above the fjord. Arrive in Opuzen in the early afternoon and hop aboard a small wooden boat for a leisurely ride through the surrounding wetlands, enjoying local snacks and music as you cruise across the water. Disembark at a beautiful local restaurant overlooking the water and savor the rich flavors of peka lamb and other local dishes. Spend the night in Opuzen as much as you want. Head to one of the cozy pubs around the town square and meet the locals for a beer or two.

day 12
Open and Mostar
Get up this morning and take the minibus to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Take a guided walking tour of the charming town and visit workshops specializing in traditional coffee ware and copper wall carvings. Enjoy some free time to explore the city and be sure to snap some photos of the iconic Stari Most Arched Bridge. Continue to Trpani, disembarking at the Matusko winery for a tour of evergreen vineyards and wine tasting. Afterwards, enjoy a barbecue on the deck of the Peregrine Dalmatia.

day 13
Enjoy breakfast on board before cruising to Korčula, one of the many towns claiming to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. Enjoy lunch on board and, weather permitting, stop for your first scuba dive. Once on the island of Korcula, familiarize yourself with its idyllic streets on a guided walking tour, then explore at your own pace. Perhaps continue to walk through the narrow alleys of the well-preserved Old Town, or wander past the simple walls and towers built in the 13th and 14th centuries to protect Korčula. Ask your leader for dinner suggestions and don't forget to try some of the famous local white wines.

day 14
Depart for Dubrovnik this morning, stopping for a swim at Jakljan Island at noon. Enjoy lunch on board before arriving in the early afternoon. Your tour leader will take you on a local bus to the Old Town, where you can spend an afternoon exploring independently. Beautiful Dubrovnik has terracotta roofs, ancient walls built into cliffs and the crystalline coastline that most people associate with Dalmatia. Return to the ship in the evening for a four-course farewell dinner with the captain and other passengers.

day 15
Get off in Dubrovnik
After breakfast, your small boat adventure along the Dalmatian coast ends. If you require transfers to Dubrovnik International Airport, please consult your travel advisor before departure or your tour guide during the trip.


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