How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and entertaining ways (2023)

You have become a friend of Spanish speakers. Now what?

Be ablePresident in EspañolAnd finding new friends is an incredible action. However, it should be one of its final objectives if it maintains and feeds these relationships if it should beLearning Spanish.

Even if it is not a social butterfly, you must spend time to learn different ways of asking "how" in Spanish.Spanish is spoken in many countriesWorld Cup. Of course, many countries will use different prayers and terminology if they review them through their friends.

For example, if you come from the USA, you are probably used to, "how are you?" When you welcome someone. In the United Kingdom, however, it is more common to "go well?"

The same happens in Spanish! You can learn easy "How are you?"What can most daily interactions take? Until this is not the case. And when someone asksHow are you?, Like this,How are you?, or maybe even a "¿Oye alter?“You must be prepared for all possible scenarios!

After all, you must also be prepared to share information when someone asks how in Spanish. In English you ask someone who will only be a formality: you should not think about your current state of good.

However, Spanish speakers do not be ashamed to share information when they are as they are.Share what really happens in your life.

Therefore, this guide shows 59 ways of saying in many different contexts "how" has to say in Spanish and 37 reaction options as a true native.Are you soon?

Do you start your Spanish learning trip?Download your essential electronic book of the free Spanish language here.

How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and entertaining ways (1)

How do I say "how are you?" In Spanish

As always, we start with the basics so you can go to the floor. The following table contains some of the standard methods to ask someone how it is in Spanish.

They can consider them neutral, neither too formally nor too informal. So you use them with friends, family, teachers and colleagues!

How are you?How are you?ˈKomo ɛsˈtas ‖It is for labels
Hello how are you?Hello how are you?ˈOla | ˈkomo ɛsˈtas ‖oh-la-kirche koh-mo ehs-tahs
Hello, how are you? (Plural)Hello how are you?All Hyoror are also nirreerales.Oh-the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church of the Church Church of the Kirche Church
How are you?How are you?A Al Aal ‖Keh language
How are you?How are you?̈WIFTER TE ˈβA ‖Is for the va
How are you?How are you?̈Komo ̃taso ‖a ‖aEs para ahs ehs-ta-doe
What's new?What's new?́E · e · pah · a3 please · owe are
How is he goingHow is everything?̈Wif èβa ●This is also es ゔ ゔ
How are you?As was?Yeah ‖‖K-m teh ah e-doe
What have you been doing?What did you do?Ke as EʧO ° "Keh, I feel
How are you doing today?How are you doing today?ˈKomo ɛsˈtas ˈoi̯ ‖Ko-mo e-tas oy
How do you feel?How do you feel?Then Kalyy TrereyrefterTter "It is for Seehehn-Tehs

"How are you?" In Spanish in formal situations in Spanish

If it has to do with an important client or comply with the company's CEO, you must maintain "Hello, how you" in Spanish.

You also want to use formal phrases if you findFamilyFor the first time, especially among parents!

How are you? (Singular formal)How are you?ˈKomo esˈat ummˈborn ‖It is for ehs-to-ted
How are you? (Singular formal)How are you?Listening, wenDespite RS-T
How are you?How are you?K-O EF
How are you? (Singular formal)How are you?Komo Dias -Or-ahhs-by-dee
How did you do it?As was?Komo and an Iðo ‖K-MOOH AH-E-Doe
And how are you?And how are you?J Abramсmber |́Komo Sim.The untéter despite
And how are you?And you?J usˈtɛð |ˈKe ˈalal ‖It's Hort Fifine Hk Taps.
How are you?How are you?̈Komo to be an seh ehn-cao-ehn-e
How are you? (Formal plural)How are you?Komo ɛstan tooFi meet people or people or more.
And how are you?And how are you?About boss | = ̈ ̈a / the-the-the

"How are you?" In Spanish in informal situations in Spanish

If you have dropped and decided to register for aImmersive Spanish learning programOr you can simply visit fast vacations, you will probably meet many colleagues with whom you want to have casual conversations.

Next, you will find some informal but educated opportunities to ask someone because it is in Spanish.

How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and entertaining ways (2)

What can you tell meAnd from?́Eke micricMeh meh coo
How are you?How are you?'Tomor' aquí 'kosoko. "Co-mechicksals-co-sas
What's new?What is it?Ke ai̯ ‖Keh ay
What's happening?What's happening?To psar "KAH PA-SA
How are you?How are you?ˈKomo ˈandasKO is also w
How is he going?How is he going?ˈKe ˈtal ˈtoðo ‖are
Everything's fine?Everything's fine?= ̈ ̈ is' appears' 'Bee-EHT product
What can you tell meAnd from?'Like' kw̃ ‖ ‖a
How's life treating you?How do you treat them?▪Ctekomo you dantɾata the ● Òòòòblen ‖ ‖Keena is the best Tra-Her Vee E.
What happened?What happened?Βo ‖KE 贰
What are you doing?What are you doing?For me ° "El ah-is
What's new in your life?What is your life?́E · les ́ecus3 building verificationSay the body to V-V-D
How are you?How are you?ˈKomo ˈβas "Ko-mo vas
How are you?How is that thing?̈I yes or "what" ""Ko-mi sa
What are you saying?And from?EKE begins witha

"How are you?" In Spanish jargon

After having found some close friends, he would like to use fun and ultra casualSpanish slangWhen you ask your friends how they are. You are the local jargon of jargon, show your friends that you have really invested in the mastering of Spanish, and you will also demonstrate that you look close enough to be super informal and around them.

What a wave?What a wave?ˈKe nta ‖KE and END
What kind of fart?And from?Pa çbedo -UND Thoie-Doe
What kind of blow?What braid?The best of 2015Sneeze
What fungus?What fungus?ˈKe ˈnɡo ° "Keh on-go
Which show?Which show?ˈKe ˈSOW ‖Keh Show
What paper?What paper?For ʝo ‖Low hair h
What is the name of?What did you say?ˈKe se ˈðise ‖Huh seh)
So what is to continue?What else?ˈKE ˈmas ˈpwes ‖Keh but Poo-Es
What friend?What more parcero?Ks kus sind trive yya ----In Keh's month
What it was?BuchˈKjuβoKey-Oo-Bo
What it was?QuiiboleˈKjuβoleTHE KEY SO COMPONSE
Well or what?It was also?́Bɔjɛn o ́noke ̃ ̃ ̃Bee-ehn oh keh
What's up, man?¿Oye alter?ˈKe ˈpasa ˈtio ‖keh pa-sa tee-oh
What kind of fart?What Pex?ˈKe ˈpeks "Your pectorals
Well or what?It was also?ˈBj̃̃n |The ˈke ~Bee-ehn oh keh
How are you?How are you?Komo is availableIt is for EHS-TAI
It's you?It's about?I hereAnd Keh toy
tell medimeAβ calledAh-blade-me
Hello alterLike usˈKe ˈtal ˈwookeh tal weh-oh
¡Cántame, Tiger!¡DI, Cantas, Tigre!ˈDimelo kãnˈtãndo | ˈtiɣɾe ‖Dee-ga-meh-lo can-toe
What's that?What is it?ˈKe ˈɛs̬ lo ˈke ˈɛs ‖Koh
What soup?What soup?ˈKe ˈsopa ‖keh so-pa

What's new?

We think we would give this timeless way of saying how a cry were. If you want to see Spanish cartoons (which can be an excellent way to increase your Spanish contribution!), You can know this, you can already be familiar with the phrase."What's new?in Spanish.

Take a look at the next video to see thatChapoteoSay your famous line in Spanish!

Then they respond as they are

If you are in a "hello, how are you?" In Spanish, it can be as easy as with a "I" fast or as complex as deepens as you really go. You should feel comfortable when talking about yoursFeelings and feelings in SpanishTherefore, you can give a precise description of how it really feels.

How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and entertaining ways (3)

Well and you?Well and you?MWIJɛN | Did you get "Mooy Beehn and also
Thank you so much.Very well thank you.MWI ˈβjɛ̃n |ˈˈAsjas ‖Moy B-Hen, Gar-Si-Es
Excellent!Thank you so much.Excellent!Thank you so much.Dempose | thing - -Ex-eh-lin-te, gra-see-as
Isn't it very good and you?Isn't it very good and you?6 Conalculating day ̈it | in x ̧nd 'orNo Mooy Beehn and also
More or less.More or less.more or less ‖But oh meh
HiddenHorrible.To drinkPeh-See-mo
Terrible, I think I'm getting sick.Very bad, I think I'm getting sick.Destructor |□ |Ma-lee-see-mo, kreh-oh hmeh es-toy ehn-fer-man-doe
The same.As usual.ˈKomo ˈSjɛ̃mpɾe ‖Promotion to pray?
Tired, but I'm fine.A little tired, but it's fine.Dauba | Pīo βjɛn "Can-Sa-Doe, Pear-Oh Bee-Ehn
I felt better.I felt better.And mexoɾ °What is a free stadium?
Good thanks God.Nice, thank God.ˈBjɛ̃n |ˈˈAsjas a ˈðjos ‖Beeheh, Gra-Lake-ey
I was never better.I was never better.Taught by Hans Nest MegForget what I am free
You can not complain.I can not complain.ˈI me ˈpweðo keˈxaɾ ‖No yy oy du Dok or echortor
I am luxury and you, how are you?Luxury and you, how are you?of ˈluxe | I ˈtu | ˈke ˈalal ° "Deh looo-ho, e, keh tal
I am very happy and you?I am very happy and you?Śtoteten o Mwi Sinton | I ́ ́tu nt psalma.Es-Toy Mooy Con-Tehn and also
I am a bit sad to be honest.I am a bit sad to be honest.ɛgoja still tɾizoEs-Toy in little Teta Taes to be sin
I am pleased, thanks.I am pleased, thanks.S Hea OkonMinkah | ɔþsjas' and UnSetyy Y-Cube-Espoll, Grand-Sacks ISS
You were good.We're ok.Essˈmamos̃To be
I a m a little disappointed.I a m a little disappointed.Ittertj alɣo barras ðplant ‖St-tyy All-Godry-Puck-ihk-kok-do
Well, I'm very peaceful.Well, I'm very calm.ˈbjethor |eseverˈ toi tɾãnˈkilo ‖Bee-Ehn, Es-Toy Mooy Trans-Key-Lo

This is how it reacts to how you are an official

If you hit someone in a formal situation, you should know how to answer "how" in Spanish in a formal environment. Based, find a table with some correct ways to answer the question and ask how to do it, because that would be educated.

If you ask how the first is, simply stop the question of the following sentences.

Very well thank you, and you?Very well thank you, and you?MWI ˈβjɛ̃n |ˈMuʧas̬ ˈɣɾasjas ”J usˈtɛð ‖Moy S Bare, Moment-1-CHICH).
Very good, thanks for asking. And you?Well, thanks for asking.And you?Emwen Yay Do Yake | The ass was for him and ..Mooy is Bern and the grandfather to pray to pray.
Well, that's a type of part. And you?Well, very nice. And you?، |mw an article -Laptur and question.Bre -enn, damay -bronb.m masmax
Well, thanks, how are you?Well, thanks, how are you?ˈBjɛn | ɾɾasasas | BeforeBiee-eeh y take-a o naky ehmerts
Well, thank you very much and you, how are you?Well, thank you very much and how are you?N |Jiahah, marme a

This is how it reacts to how you are informal

If you talk to a friendly friend or chance, you can use more relaxed opportunities to say how you are going.

How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and entertaining ways (4)

Super good and you?Super good and you?Suˈpɛɾ ˈβjɛ̃n | eu ˈtu ‖Soo-Per Beehn and also
In one hundred percent (percent).CemIt is that it isAl See-Ehn
MarvelousWonderOf maɾaˈβiʝaThis is cognitive
Of eggs.Of eggs.Of ˈweβos "Deh ooh-eh-vos
All very well.Everything's fine.= ̈ ̈ is' appears' 'Bee-EHT product
Better than ever.Better than ever.ˈNũnka meˈxoɾ ‖Forget about that free
I am doing it right.Good toys.O TOTO ˈ γ -ratten "toy
Well and you?Chido and you?ʧiðo | yo tu "Chee-Doe and also
Everything's fine.Everything's fine.Do to ‖Farnode A
Everything's fine.Feeling of a place.Toooo βakaka ”Feeling of place
All very well.Everything is full.Tooðo ʧelaɾir is "A-out-slave.
All soft.All soft.ˈToðo ˈswaβe ‖Product of a genre-ah-vah

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How are you in Spanish on 59 formal, informal and entertaining ways (5)

Promote your friends and look at your skills in Spanish

Do and keep friends in Spanish language is one of the safest ways to guarantee life. I even even could take a millionClasses in HispanicToday it will probably not maintain much of your liquid if you stop practicing the language. And what better reason to accompany your Spanish than to practice with your friends?

Now that you know 5 different ways of asking someone as it is, you have no excuses not to review your friends in Spanish language and see what you do!

And if you are looking for more options to have your updated Spanish skills, be sure to review oursSpanish blogWe have fun and useful content every month that we help improve your vocabulary and even learn some funny cultural rumors especially. Our articles in Spanish are always free and are available for everyone!

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