How to greet 77 different Args in Spanish (2023)

Regardless of whether you are planning a weekend trip to Mexico or thinking about full obligation, the best place to learn to say "Hello" in Spanish.

Although he learns to sayHolaI will not take much time, there is much more specific and more informalOpportunities to greet in SpanishThis will allow you to speak as a professional in a very short time.

One of the most beautiful things in Spanish is its diversity and versatility.More than 360 million native speakersAnd more than 20 countries that use it as an official language are Spanish in many different flavors.

Guide us in 77 different ways to say "Hello" in Spanish, the formal email to informal email, telephone and occasional greetings in Spanish.

Why is it important to know how to greet in Spanish?

Learning some ways to greet in Spanish will not take time and it will take a long way to Spanish speakers, regardless of whether you are planning a trip to a Spanish country or just met some Spanish speakers in your hometown, you are very enjoyed to greet someone in Spanish.

How to greet 77 different Args in Spanish (1)

If you take time to exclude the pronunciation of some fundamental greetings, you can pronounce other words in Spanish more accurately. As you can know, Spanish vowels seem very different from English vowels. If you have some greetings to your credit, maximizeyour opportunities to pronounce other peopleWords in SpanishCorrect, even if they are unknown.

Also, if you decide to learn Spanish in the futurein linetakePersonal classesThis will make it much easier to start the curriculum. Apparent some basic greetings is a great way to dive your fingers in the language before you completely compromise.

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How to greet 77 different Args in Spanish (2)

First, how do you really say "Hello" and "Hello" in Spanish?

Well, you have probably heard somewhereHolaIn Spanish, it means "Hello". But what is the correct pronunciation of "Hello" in Spanish?

As already mentioned, the Spanish pronunciation differs greatly from the pronunciation in English. If you try to readHolaAs if it were an English word, it is difficult for them to convince someone who hangs in their Spaniards.

You want to ensure that your greeting sounds authentic, see the first seconds of the following video to see how former President Barack Obama receives the crowd in Peru.

Did you notice how the crowd became wild after a simple Hello Peru? This is the power of a well begged greeting!

You should take time to consult the Spanish alphabet and the International Fonetic Fonetic Alphabet (IPA) to learn to greet in Spanish. Understanding IPA, it can expressly express Spanish greeting without notice.

You can see this short YouTube video that goes through each letter of the Spanish alphabet and the corresponding IPA.

77 Other different ways to greet in Spanish

The English greeting is listed in our guide below, followed by the equivalent greeting, followed by IPA. Let's get in now!

Greetings together in Spanish

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
How are you?How are you?ˈKomo ɛsˈtas
Hello everybodyHello everybodyˈOla or ˈtoðos
Hey guysHey guysˈOla Muˈʧaʧos
Hello pleasureHello pleasureˈOla ˈmaʧo ɣUSTO
Hi how are you?Hi how are you?Ola ke Al
Hi how are you?Hi how are you?̈Ola ̈komo te ˈβa
Hi how are you?Hello, how have you been?ˈOla ˈkomo ˈas ɛsˈtaðo

Leisure and Informal Greetings in Spanish

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
¡Hola!Hello Hello!Hello Hello
Hello my dearHello my dearˈOla mj aˈmoɾ
That works?That works?ˈKe ˈThe
What's new?What's new?́E · pah ́e · a3 kommen ́NWES
What's new?That works?Ke ai̯
What is happening?What is happening?Fence
Tell me what's newThat works?́Eke Mic.
How is he going?How is everything?ˈKomo ˈba ˈto
Hello, what a pleasure [see you]Hello, it's a pleasurëOla ̈ke ̈ke ̈ ̈ ̈ ̈

Formal Greetings in Spanish

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
Hi how are you?Hi how are you?Boao is assigned
Hi how are you?Hi how are you?́Ko ́ko ́komo no
Hello, I'm a pleasure to meet you]Hello, a pleasureEverything is like a bone is taken.
Pleasure to meet you]FelizValentðoado
Hello, it's a pleasure [see you]Hello, a pleasure to see thisI did it in the past

Greetings by Email in Spanish

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
DearEstimatedVARE VAR
LoverDearKɾi car
GreatGreatDistribution of distributions
To whom it May concernTo whom it May concernA center of Eskjeln ̈Pé

Morning greetings in Spanish

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
Good morningGood morningˈBwenos̬ ˈðias
Good morningGood morningˈBwen ˈðia
Good morning sunshineGood morning sunshineˈBWENOS̬ ˈˈ Soleˈ

Greetings in the afternoon in Spanish

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
Good morningGood morningˈBwenas̬ ˈtaɾðes̬
Good morningHi well!Bwenas̬
GoodnightGoodnightBWENAS̬ No

How to answer the phone in Spanish

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
¿Y?¿Y?They are
Hola?Bueno?To bend
ContinueTo say?Diɣ

How to greet 77 different Args in Spanish (3)

Specific Greetings of the Earth


EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
Hello friendThe TIOThe TIO
How are you?How are you?ˈKomo ˈandas
How are you?What is in your life?· Leshsi rebury a lot.
How are you?How does it happen?ˈKomo ˈba ˈkosa
What's new?That works?· Ree starts


EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
How are you?How are you?Your account ˈweile
That works?What was there?Boo
That works?QuiiboleˈKjuβole
That works?What paper?Foreigner
That works?What Pex?Um pex
What is happening?What track?The tɾow
What is happening?This passion?A pass


EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
Good morning!Good and holy!ˈBwenas̬ i ˈsãntas
¡Ruestate to Jungfuu Maria!The Virgin Mary!Ein Plewhy Waters


EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
That works?Persistent persistent number of photos?ˈKjuβo
What else is there again?So what is it to continue?ˈKE ˈmas ˈpwes
Well or what?Well or what?B looked Waese
Well or not?Well or not?ˈBJɛN O 'NO
What's new?Is about?I am in eke r.


EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
How are you?How are you?ˈKomo ɛsˈtaj
Good morningOfOf
Oye, alterI think, weHello weapons


EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
What is happening, father?What happened, dad?ˈKe paˈso paˈpa
What is happening, comrade?War was, compadre?A βo kõbopðe
tell meDIMEAβ called


EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
That works?HolaHello people
That works?ConversationShoulder
How are you?Like usˈKe ˈtal ˈwoo

Dominican Republic:

EnglishEspañolIPA pronute
Hey brotherHallo, ManinIt lasts then
¡DIME!¡DIME!Do not do it
¡Cántame, Tiger!Say you sing, tiger!Demelo y'd this day
What?What is it?ˈKe ˈɛs̬ lo ˈke ˈɛs̬

Frequently Asked Questions for Spanish Greetings

How to greet 77 different Args in Spanish (4)

What is the difference between greeting a friend and colleague or a well -known Spanish professional?

If you visit a country that speaks of Spanish or is a friend of Spanish speakers, you will find that people usually feel much more comfortable receiving your friends.

Nicknames and pronouns are generally used as terms of tenderness. In an informal environment, you can expect to be received by your friendsI find GüeyGiftI find Weon, oThe TIODepending on the culture.In this article, you will learn more informal, colloquial and Spanish words.

In a formal environment, you can see the formalOfUsed construction.Hi how are you?converts toHi how are you?.Nicknames are better excluded in these situations.

What are some greetings in Spanish for falsehood?

The most common Spanish reception is not formal enough or to beexcessiveFormal. If you go to a formal supervisor, you should join the formalOfUntil you expressly ask you not to use formal pronouns with you.

In some cultures, you can also waitOfThis is very regional and depends on cultural contexts.Therefore, it is better to ask a close friend in advance what expectations are. In case of doubt, they always go with the formalOfA problem is usually an excessive formal.

Máslaast greets in Spanish, what follows?

As you can see, Spanish as a language is as diverse as the cultures you speak, but you can master many ways to say in Spanish with a little practice in Spanish.What happens if you are looking for more about real conversations?Read on thatMaking Spanish here.

Consider this as the first step in an exciting trip you can communicate with hundreds of millions of people around the world.

I want to dominateHello in many different languages? Check out this little great articleHere.Spanish Blog, exactly here.

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