Murphy reveals 48.9b N.J.Budget with real estate fiscal discounts, free state parks, higher expenses for pensions, schools (2023)

Government.Phil MurphyOn Tuesday, a state budget proposed of US $ 48.9 billion showed that New Jersey's expenses increase a lot to a new one, swears the state is more affordable.

"This budget is based on a new obligation to promote our state, create opportunities for each family and make our state more accessible"Your sixth budget approach- His first speech at the state's house in Trenton since thenCoronavirusThe pandemic began in 2020.

The state has received tax income in record revenue in the last two years, which contributed to a $ 4.6 billion surplus in US dollars in the current budget. Murphy has the question that only a few governors in New Jersey are faced: how usGive all this money?

The answer to this question could have been different before six months ago.A Choice Heated in NovemberHe catapulted the tax issue and accessibility to the top of the agenda in Trenton.

Since then, the ambitious progressive goals of Murphy's first term have left room for a new increase in taxes and new Jersey.

"Who have become New Jersey more affordable?" Asked the Democratic Governor on Tuesday. "For me and in this budget, the answer is clear. They are all looking for their opportunity."

It is now due to Murphy and state -controlled state legislator to negotiate a final budget in the next four months. The governor must sign it in law before June 30.The plan is close to a series of public hearings.

FILE:Read the full text of the New York Budget course from Governor Phil Murphy by the governor

Tax Discounts, "Vacation" fare

Murphy attacks the high cost of living in New Jersey, mainly through tax discounts and massive quantities for government spending. Governor's expenditure plan corresponds to an increase of $ 2.5 billion compared to the current state budget.

The new program announced last week to facilitate the real estate sector would use US $ 900 million to replace agricultural services and expand the bastard property tax to about 1.8 million families in New Jersey.

As part of the new program, the owners of New Jersey, which reaches up to $ 250,000, would have an average discount of 700 $ 1 in the first year.

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Murphy also suggestedA holiday of a one -year rate.This would allow residents of New Jersey to come state parks for free from July 1

The Democratic governor plans to use the American Rescue Plan $ 305 million in federal money to create a fund for accessible apartments in New Jersey.

The protegible housing production fund would help to complete all accessible residential projects identified in Mount Laurel settlements and would create more than 3,300 new units, according to the authorities.

In addition to the US $ 1 billion Arp funds already approved for use in the eviction prevention program and housing owners aid fund, this year this year will be distributed this year: 500 million dollars, more than 25,000 homes and 250Millions provide US dollars up to two years of rental support to support about 140,000 homes.

Murphy also wants to strengthen the initial payment aid program to support low and medium -sized residents who want to buy additional financial resources of $ 5 million, which increases all state investment to $ 25 million.Administration officers said 2,134 low and medium -income housing buyers helped last year.

Pensions of public workers

Murphy proposed a contribution of $ 6.82 billion to the New Jersey Pension Fund, which supports the resignation of about 800,000 workers from the active and retired state and local government.

If it were admitted, this would mark for the first time in over 25 years that the state made a total contribution of pensions for two straight years.

New Jersey's pension fund has been in a long timeAmong the worst financedIn the nation. In the second half of last year, it was particularly affected by the subscribed actions of emerging countries.

The State has omitted payments to the pension system for decades or short -term payments to unintended liabilities.

Prior to full payment of $ 6.4 billion last year, Murphy had increased the contributions of one tenth of the most current recommendation.

School financing

In particular, the budget proposal requires increased direct help to public schools to $ 11.6 billion, which is $ 662 million or 6% compared to the previous year.-K to expand.

The governor suggests that the financing of university training to $ 2.9 billion for direct support to universities and universities and financial support to students.

Its plan includes increasing the income limit to the state's free community colleges program to $ 80,000, which expands these advantages to more than 7,000 students.

Murphy also proposes a new exclusive $ 3 million fund that would encourage Nova Jesayanes, who did not complete their university degree, return to campus and completed their remaining credits.

Economy and Infrastructure

Murphy has confirmed his commitment not to increase traffic tariffs, which should spend $ 2.76 billion in the next financial year, which is a 7% increase compared to the current budget.

The Traffic Operational Budget would include US $ 721 million from an agreement with the contract's Highway Danger Authority to provide a special financing current to NJ Transit.

The government wants to pay critical transport projects through the use of constitutional debt funds created last year, $ 3.7 billion in dollars of more than $ 700 million. Projects include improvements in bridges and stations, including modernizationfrom Newark Penn station and the Walter Rand Transport Center improvement project.

Health and safety

Administrative spending on medical care includeAlmost US $ 20 millionIn state and federal funds to implement the universal visualization program of newborns across the country and US $ 15 million to increase medical prices for maternity suppliers.

Murphy also said he plans to work with the development of mental health initiatives and the success of students with Federal Fund ARP.

The governor also suggests the use of ARP support of $ 53 million to create a single fund for taxpayers without social insurance that did not receive government support.

"Returning to normal"

The event was solemnly after two years of a deadly pandemic, which increased numerous aspects of life. The block mode was.

There were conversations a day after Murphy increased the emergence of public health andMASATE OF THE NATIONAL SCHOOL MASKHow coronavirus numbers continue to improve.

Facial coatings for the direction were needed, although many were for the multitude without a mask.

Murphy raised both weapons when she took the speech to applause.

"It's good to be back on this camera and with all of you," said the governor at the beginning of his speech. "It was certainly long and difficult two years ... New Jersey returns to normal."

Democratic applause, republican silence

Murphys with Democrats repeatedly got up to give the governor at many points during the speech at many points.

Meanwhile, the Republicans were largely silent except two points, which was the first when Murphy recognized International Women's Day and recognized his wife, the first Dama Tammy Murphy.

A few months after a controversial election in November, in which Murphy won a second term with one closer than expected, and Democrats kept control of the legislator, although Republicans collected seven chairs in three decades.

Since then, Murphy and the Democrats have repeatedly said that New Jersey's leaders need to hear their residents more closely and make the state more accessible.

But the Republican legislator was not happy. Cash Mountain that New Jersey accumulated, Murphy should offer a faster tax relief and payment debts.

"Everyone now talks about accessibility. This is great. Republicans have been involved for years," said Steve Oroho, president of the Senate minority, Steve Oroho, a republican to return to counsel. We have to hear us. "

Senator Declaen O'Scanlon, who acts as a budget representative of the Senate Republicans, said the state should focus on sustainable expenses.

"It's wonderful to be confused with money, but the real question is what will we do to it? How can we make it sustainable?" I would argue that the republican plan and republican projections are much closer to reality. "

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