Murphy signs 46.4 billion state budget with tax incentives, university aid, great pension payment (2023)

GovernorPhil MurphySigned on TuesdayA state budget of 46.4 billion US dollarsThis increases expenses for next year with the help of a remarkable surplus of 10 billionCoronavirusPandemic.

Despite the fears of a year ago, economic and health crises reduce state income state income.

ANDPostaIncludes a historical contribution of $ 6.9 billion to the public pension fund, new tax deductions for economics, registration and loans from the university, a small momentum to facilitate basic taxes and tax reimbursement up to 500 USD forMore than 760,000 families from New Jersey.

The state may start publication of reimbursement checks to qualified taxpayers who have already sent their explanations by 2020 on Thursday, a Ministry of Finance door said.

Murphy signed the costs of costs inA gym of the Woodbridge Primary SchoolWhere he said the budget tries to increase prosperity, "from the middle and from the top to the top."

“After a year when the pandemic interrupted virtually every facet of our lives, a year when we focused on saving every day, although we have lost, it is unfathomable, more than 26,000 members of our New Jersey family, year, year, a year when so many spells were slaughtered, but it was not that New Jersey is now on the morning of the new day he is breaking, "said the governor." And this is the budget that this day is ordered is better thanyesterday."

Advance:This is what in the new mass budget of N.J.

After several years of budgetary struggles in the governor's demands to increase taxes to high families in particular who work in particular. The governor's own budget plan. In money, their consultations focused on spending money and exactly who has authority for spending-lo.

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The Republican legislator has criticized budget expenses, which they said, New Jersey will make a way for major tax increases or difficult cuts in just one or two years. The opportunity to return the taxpayer more money and correct his own tax ship.

According to an average progress of NJ analysis, the legislator has at least $ 500 million in Christmas trees called at least 500 million American projects. The additions are large, pp.US $A subsidy of US $ 50,000 for Red Bank Count Basie Arts Center.

"We had the opportunity to do much more in this house," said Senator Anthony Bucco, Republican Morris, before the legislator approved the budget according to the party last week. "I fear we come back here next year after the yearNext, after all these editions, we will show nothing we spend, and that is unhappy. "

Senate PresidentStephen SweeneyD-Gloucester rejected criticism on Tuesday and said, "It's not a pork, they are human."

"Finally we are in a place where we can make an investment, a real investment in our employees," said Sweeney.

Murphy signs 46.4 billion state budget with tax incentives, university aid, great pension payment (1)

Progressive defense lawyers also condemned the lawyers to take the budget last week as "undemocratic" and eliminated their inability to help not document immigrants that were excluded by federal stimulus measures and as a source of financial financing for NJ transfer.

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"When the state refused to fund workers excluded from a migration history, he brought many families to a place where they have no money without food and time," said Amy Torres, administrative director of the New Jersey Immigrant Alliance of Immigrants, said,He said a prayer. "However, the state is not out of excessive budget options and an influx of federal dollars. New Jersey can and should help finance immigrant families."

In addition to reimbursement and tax deductions from the formation of the university, the family reduces taxes on pension distributions and extends authorization for cattle tax credit and credit for children and dependent care.

Murphy and legislative leaders have also agreed to reserve $ 3.7 billion, an amount that corresponds to the money received in the fall to eliminate some existing state credit debts and pay future infrastructure projects outside her pocket.

They also plan to exceed the state's first full contribution to the public workers' pension fund in a quarter of the century, with $ 505 million.Wall Street, which New Jersey insulted to reduce contributions to the besieged fund.

"Today, we grew our obligations and do not lead them to higher costs and a greater weight on the next generation shoulders," Murphy said on Tuesday. "This is the administration where the shirt of our obligations has stopped.

"Now don't let us go," he continued. Still there is work to bring our pension systems to full health, and this work will have more years of tax commitment and responsibility. But today is the day when we no longer look like theBackground, from the deep hole that previous administrations had fallen for 25 years. Today is the day we filled this hole forever. "

Advance:Murphy shows support for the caravan, which the Vality Highway of N.J.

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New Jersey public schools will receive almost $ 9.3 billion in direct aid next year, a boost of $ 578 million this year. Some districts are still considered inappropriate for those considered inadequate.

The budget includes a pre -school aid of $ 924 million, $ 50 million more than this year and $ 400 million in extraordinary special education. The addition of $ 125 million in an extraordinary special education that was funded byPresident of the Senate. It means that the State will finally fulfill its obligation to reimburse local school districts for 85% of its extraordinary special training costs.

According to the budget, the Homesead Basic Tax Program receives an expected update that increases average loans for older people and owners with disabilities by over $ 130 and average benefits for low -income owners in US $ $145.

The Murphy government estimates that 70,000 elderly people in New Jersey, who lose all the exclusion of the pension if their income is up to $ 1 above this limit.

There are also reimbursements for income tax, almost 764,000 families with income less than $ 150,000 and at least one dependent child. Refunds were part of a fake autumn agreement to increase income tax for high income.

According to the State Finance Department, 716,000 couples with an income of less than $ 150,000 would receive an average of $ 425 in the presentation, while the nearly 48,000 individual archivates with an income of less than $ 75,000 would receive $ $ 500,Many houses receive less because they are not refundable, which means that it should not exceed a family's tax obligation.

The budget creates a new fiscal deduction for houses with an income of less than $ 200,000, which will cause its first $ 10,000 in contributions to a NJBEST 529, 10,000 dollar savings plan for state registration payments and $ 2.500In NJClass Student loans payments. It is US $ 50 million for a two -year two -year financing at a four -year university for students with low -income families and 10 million less than $ 75,000.

"Garden State's warranty has a simple promise: if you work hard, we support it," Murphy said.

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Young adults between 18 and 21 years old and Unpetian recently have well -deserted income tax credits, while families with an income of up to $ 150,000 will qualify for the child's credit and dependent care.

The new budget also determines how state authorities adequately grant the state's unexpected federal profit and the authorization of the approval of the legislator's joint budget surveillance committee on the governor's recommendations. The legislators of both parties have tried to control control of control of the control ofFederal dollar worth $ 6.2 billion, as this year's budget language, Murphy, offers great authority for emergency disasters and economic incentives.

Murphy will keep the authority of more than 200 million US dollars, which can spend an increase of up to $ 10 million without legislature.

As part of the budget agreement, Democrats agreed to distribute federal aid, including $ 500 million in support of rent, $ 250 million in public services, $ 600 million in three years, an additional year of justification to offer a AOffer a special state training program to about 8,700 students with disabilities, US $ 180 million for HLK improvements in schools and small businesses, $ 100 million for day care centers and 450 million us.

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