Pricing, upgrades and installation for double-width mobile homes (2023)

How much does it cost to buy a double width RV?

That's a great question. Before we get into the details of double mobile home pricing, let’s address a few “home maintenance” points. First off, if you just want to see prices, you canBuy our double width mobile homes at published prices, including basic price, delivery and installation, on our website. Unlike other RV dealers, we proudly display the price of every home on our website.

If you were hoping to understand the cost of a double width including the land, utilities and additional buildings, read our post "How much does a mobile home cost?' when you finish this post. On this page we are only going to cover the cost of a double width home itself and we are talking about a typical new double width prefab home because there is no limit to how much you can spend on a home when you are using his want to go "to the cliff" wallet.

If you were hoping to learn more about single width mobile homes we have put together a blog on all aspects ofBuy a single-width RVHere.

After all, what we all call a "new double-wide mobile home" is technically a "new double-wide prefab". Since most of you still call them mobile homes or just "double width", let's go with the flow and go with it, but when you see "ready made home" you just know it's the same thing.

Can you tell me how much a double-width motorhome already costs?

Good Good. Expect $80,000 to $175,000 for a double-width, three-bedroom, two-bath home in the 1475-1600 square foot range that comes in Texas with the most popular upgrades yet. The cheapest Double-Wide is around $75,000, but it's also possible to spend $250,000 on a large, luxurious mobile home.

Yes, we know, that's pretty extensive. Why the big difference?

Keep in mind that prices are subject to change at any time and costs will vary depending on the options you choose (more on this below) and the delivery address. For a more accurate estimate, call or use our instant estimate tool from any model home page on the site.

Let's get back to the big difference. Well if you go with a house like thatHamiltonat the top end of this range it is more of a luxury mobile home. You can get a fireplace, tray ceilings, and stainless steel appliances. The walls are allTape and texture wallsand the kitchen and bathrooms are beautiful.

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At the other end of the spectrum is theTru Homes-Emotion. Tru is focused on providing you with the best home for your money. The walls areVOG type walls, and the house is nice but not luxurious. The appliances are black, the fridge is a bit smaller and the windows are not as big as in the first house. You'll also find fewer options if you're looking for a cheaper home, as more options will increase your factory costs.

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If you're looking for something between these two extremes, you've come to the right place.Isabella Tonton, which will set you back around $140,000 when you factor in options, delivery and air conditioning. Isabella is also a beautiful home with taped and textured walls, stainless steel appliances, and an Energy Star rating.

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Factory options for your double-width motorhome

As with our single widths, we have double widths from different factories. While some upgrades are common across industries, such as B. air conditioners, others vary greatly. What you find as upgrades in cheaper houses are standard features as you go up the price scale. The options available in a luxury home are often not offered in more affordable homes.

Some of the upgrade options we recommend include air conditioning (can you imagine a Texas summer without air conditioning?), insulation upgrades, and red quarter panels. Most people don't need a wind zone upgrade, so don't worry unless you live on the coast.

let's take a lookTRU Casasas our example of a house for a modest budget.Cladding, linoleum floors throughout, and air-conditioning upgrade options are common in most mobile homes. With our other manufacturers, on the other hand, dishwashers and an Energy Star package are usually standard upgrades for the Tru.

It's very common for people to add around $10,000 to a double-wide Tru Homes for upgrades that include air conditioning (use our instant estimate tool or call us for an exact number).

Clayton AthenUpdates are little more than Tru Homes updates. Looking at the aforementioned Isabella, it's relatively common to see upgrades ranging from $11.00 to $12,000. The catch? Unlike Tru, Athens upgrades include a washer and dryer, 6-inch exterior walls, and ceiling fans, plus you'll find Energy Star qualification and a dishwasher standard in the home.

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What about Clayton's ranch style homes? As an upscale property, you have more options, so giving $15,000 or taking a few thousand is more the conversation you should expect. You can go for a galvanized metal chimney and roof or keep it very simple. It's hard to imagine people would spend much less than $11,000 for more frequent upgrade options, but most people don't make every upgrade either.

Use the estimate tool again or call us for a more accurate estimate.

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Delivery, assembly and cutting

We're now entering costs that are significantly higher than what you would find in a single sprawling RV. Because double widths need to be shipped in two pieces, shipping will cost twice as much. It also takes longer to assemble as you have to carefully align the two halves and then snap them together.

Once the house is assembled, "trim" adds the parts that couldn't be attached to your house during shipping, like the roof vent, some side panels, and some trim inside the house.

Before the cut is complete, your house is still a construction site. While you can walk inside and confirm that the house has everything you requested, you still can't move your stuff.

Moldings are done throughout the home and include stretching the carpet, adding transition pieces, and patching up minor scuffs or scuffs caused by moving around the house. You can probably imagine why a clipping crew still doesn't want their stuff home... they can't do their job!

Once the cut is complete and clean, the two-piece house will now be the home you've been waiting for and it's all yours!

To see some double width mobile homes,Visit our website for double width mobile homes. Each home has a base price list, upgrade options, and a delivery calculator. On his page you can also see a virtual tour of the house. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us.Here or call 210-510-0500.

This article was originally published on December 15, 2018 and has recently been updated for relevance and accuracy.

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