Slideshow from the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences at the University of Idaho (2023)

Yakima Kittitas herd of elk


herd of elk

april 1969831266

Chamberlin Cr Payette NF's Moose Trap (and a Moose)

June 10, 1965831267

herd of elk

april 1969831268

Elk trap. Chapel Basin. Gravel pasture. pristine Idaho

november 1964831269

herd of elk

March 1969831270

Colgate likes tight. Lothar R

28 July 1963831271

als. Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

December 1955831272

eland. jackson gat

March 1962831273

Yellowstone National Park. check douglas fir

april 1948831274

herd of elk

april 1969831275

Elk on a snowdrift near Coco Lake. olympic national park

Augustus 1955831276


april 1969831277

unknown territory

March 1969831278

Cedar Hemlock. D spar from the west side. Willamette Valley, Oregon

no date831279

unknown territory

March 1969831280

Elk Lick from Ballinger Cr. - Upstairs

June 16, 1958831281

The cow moose runs. island park

March 1965831282

winter unknown territory

april 1969831283

power from below

March 1969831284

unknown territory

March 1969831285

Ballinger Creek Lamer Nature

June 1957831286

unknown territory

april 1969831287

Mountain ash at Stewart Creek

October 26, 1951831288


no date831289

per cuddy

March 1969831290

Yakima Valley

March 1969831291

man in the snow

no date831292

unknown territory

april 1969

winter range


per cuddy

april 1969841294

per cuddy

October 1973841295

power from below

March 1969841296

per cuddy

March 1969841297

power from below

March 1969841298

per cuddy

March 1969841299

per cuddy

april 1969841300

per cuddy

October 1973841301

per cuddy

March 1969841302

deer fawn


the trees

no date841304

per cuddy

October 1973841305

Selway R. Gelatinous female bone marrow of ancient doe

april 1955841306


april 1948841307

Yellowstone rivier

april 1948841308

Great game in winter. Yellowstone National Park

april 1948841309

unknown territory

april 1948841310

Elk Winter Range, near Running Creek on the Selway River

June 14, 1951841311

Selway R. elevated walkway east of Ballinger Cr. BS. wilderness area

4 september 1957841312

Selway R. and Three Links Cr. BS. Nez Perce NF Primitive Lands.

5 september 1957841313

Ballinger Cr. Track south. Wilderness BS. Urgent need for coverage. Granite bottom

4 september 1957841314

Wilderness BS. 1 mile above Ballinger Cr. Selway R., comparing the south and north slopes

4 september 1957841315

Yellowstone National Park

april 1948841316

Yellowstone National Park

april 1948841317

Yellowstone National Park. winter playground

no date841318

Lochsa R. looks like this. Van Vis Cr.

March 30, 1961841319

Selway Playground - Elk crawling in Deadman Creek

no date841320

Sylvie series games. Birch trees among moose and deer herds in winter

15 april 1951841321

Sylvie series games. Dead Man's Creek Slopes at Selway Falls

14 april 1951841322

Camping Cayuse Cr. New wood after burning 1910: a look at the winter collection of E. Elk

9 augustus 1957841323

Eland op Ballinger Cr. Rim

June 16, 1958841324

Winter habitat of moose on south and west facing slopes. Lochsa R in Fish Cr.

March 30, 1961841325

Killed Lion-Elk 2 weeks old. glacier national park

February 1974841326

Elk on the Selway River Walk

March 26, 1957841327

Gedney Cr.


N. Estrella Cr. Gamma de alces Selway R.

25 July 1949841329

Major wildlife damage to Aspen-Yellowstone National Park.

april 1948841330

Green Ridge tegenover Polaris Creek. (Moose Winter Range)

March 7, 1952841331

The top of Voight Creek in Mount Rainier

Augustus 1955841332

A set of moose pellets stained with methylene blue. Fogy Mountains Telephone Line Trail

22 april 1957841333

Kelly Cr. Als R. Butte. Clearwater NF

9 augustus 1957841334

Mount Cordillera Everts al E. de Mammoth

april 1947841335

Lochsa R. Looking south from the ridge above Fish cr.

March 30, 1961841336

Bovenkamp 2 Puyallup Voight Cr.

October 1954841337

Clearwater N.F.E. from the border

September 1949841338

Clearwater NF from the border

September 1949841339

moose with open range

april 1948841340

Yellowstone rivier

april 1948841341

Elk Open Range, Lama-gardiner Divide

april 1948841342

Yellowstone rivier

april 1948841343

Elk Range Between Mammoth-Lamar

april 1947841344

Selway - al oeste de Fog

June 1959841345

Gardner River Winter Game Range

april 1947841346

Winter Elk Range south of Pocatello, Idaho

no date841347

South Slope of Running Creek Cabin. Winter home for moose and mule deer

March 8, 1952841348

Elk Pocatello in winter pasture

June 1948841349

Selway - Elk Winter Pasture at Running Creek

June 14, 1951841350

Winter Elk Range south of Pocatello, Idaho

no date841351

Winter Elk Range south of Pocatello, Idaho

no date841352

Dead moose calves on the Selway River Track near Bait Cr.

9 april 1959841353

Gedney Cr.


Winter Elk Range, Cole River, Olympic National Park. C. Newman

no date841355

St. Joe, winter moose and herds. near Avery, ID

October 1948841356

Lochsa Big Game Winter Range - Elk in the top left corner, Mouth of Fish Cr.

March 31, 1952841357

Part of a moose herd leaves Stewart Hot Springs

8 mei 1958841358

Yellowstone rivier

april 1948841359

Elk Range Between Mammoth-Lamar

april 1947841360

moose with open range

april 1948841361

CR Coyote. South side Selway R. Widely used winter course, 4 miles under 3 lux. Wilderness Area B-S

4 september 1957841362

St. Joe River boven Calder, Idaho

no date841363

Lochsa River and Great Winter Range at Fish Creek

March 31, 1952841364

Elk Range Between Mammoth-Lamar

april 1947841365

Yellowstone rivier

april 1948841366

Lower fog mountain from Indian Hill Road. moose winter range

augustus 1958841367

Elk Winter Range, Pocatello

June 1948841368

Elk Winter Range, Pocatello

June 1948841369

Looking west at the misty mountains from the plane

12 augustus 1957841370

Elk Winter Range, Pocatello

June 1948841371

Elk Winter Range, Pocatello

June 1948841372

Smoky Mountains en Oost-Ballinger Drainage

October 6, 1958841373

South Slope of the Smoky Mountains: Up to 4000' in winter

augustus 1958841374

Camp at W. Fork Ballinger Cr. Mount Fog.

October 6, 1958841375

dental installation

October 6, 1958841376

dental installation

October 6, 1958841377

dental installation

October 6, 1958841378

big fog.

October 6, 1958841379

Glover Ridge. Geney Hill (calving area) in the background

27 mei 1957841380

The dome; the eastern end of Liangshui Ridge. Good

27 mei 1957841381

Porter Cr., looking east

april 1954841382

The winter mountains of Epihelap. mountain rainier

February 1954841383

Glover Ridge Winterbergen

no date841384

Kelly Cr Elk Winter Ranch

9 augustus 1957841385

Red stem C. in winter range. self r.

no date841386

Airstrip Cayuse Cr. Clearwater NF Elk Winter Range

9 augustus 1957841387

Glover Ridge Winterbergen

27 mei 1957841388

Elk winterbereik, Selway River, Magruder Ranger District, Bitterroot NF

10 augustus 1950841389

Buck Creek, Pocatello, Idaho Winter Range - Deer and elk

11 augustus 1951841390

Utah Overuse Juniper Winter Range, Deer and Elk East Fork of Mink Creek, Pocatello, Idaho

11 augustus 1951841391

The south side of Selway faces Punta Pinchot. Wilderness BS. Each tracks are numerous. Significantly overused winter range

4 september 1957841392

Glover Ridge Winterbergen

27 mei 1957841393

Winterbergen, Glover Ridge, Selway

no date841394

Payette Game Range onder S.Fk. Garden Valley Ranger Station

29 July 1953841395

S. Fork, Payette-spellenreeks

29 July 1953841396

red stem. winter range glove back

no date841397

Coolwater Ridge, Selvi

27 mei 1957841398

Glover Ridge Winterbergen

27 mei 1957841399

Glover zadel, Selway

26 mei 1957

browse and use


Elk navegando mammoth, Yellowstone National Park

June 1949851401

Overgrown sour cherries, nine bark in the foreground. At Green Ridge (Selway) Running Creek


Elk browsing in winter. Yellowstone National Park

april 1948851403

5500' typical elk calving area. Lick Area #32 W. Missing Selway Hill

June 1956851404

Elk browsing in winter. Yellowstone National Park

april 1948851405

Willows die from overuse. Yellowstone National Park

april 1948851406

Big game uses too much wormwood. Yellowstone National Park

april 1948851407

Overused - big game grass. Yellowstone National Park

april 1948851408

Lamar Valley. moose overgrazing

april 1948851409

bull moose

no date851410

Trembling Aspen at Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park

June 1949851411

Selway, the game area of ​​Cornus muttallii, frequented by moose and deer

15 april 1951851412

Shrubs grow above Yellowstone Mammoth

June 1949851413

Overgrazed mountains near mammoths

april 1947851414

moose. Bird hormones(?). Photo by Stan Potts party. Crossroads - Large Cr.

February 1973851415

Any "signpost"? on alder. Servi mountain fog. (tree rubbing)

22 april 1957851416

Willows in winter range. glove ra.

no date851417

Rode steel C.

27 mei 1957851418

Elk road sign. Johnson CR Ridge, Selvie. (tree rubbing)

16 april 1957851419

Locusts attack alder and hellebore

10 september 1958851420

Any "signpost"? Among the willows; Servi mountain fog

22 april 1957851421

per cuddy

March 1969851422

Overuse of Redstem Ceanothus. Lochsa Big Game Winter Shooting Range

March 31, 1952851423

Widely used Red Maple Scout Lochsa Winter Big Game Range

March 31, 1952851424

Bitterbrush was killed by a fire on 4/13/60. There are no buttons. Fremont County, Idaho

13 april 1960851425

Great game in winter. Fires set by farmers. Fremont County, Ada

13 april 1960

capture and tag


Gloverridge Selway. Automatically upload consumables Moose tagging

25 mei 1957861427

Mavericks brand equipment

27 mei 1957861428

Tsjervobra. Jackson Hole Wyoming

December 1955861429

Elk calf captured near Lick 63. glove yard.

October 1973

winter slaughter


Series #2 Particle Equation

24 augustus 1961871431

Dead cow moose near Slide Cr along Selway R.

March 22, 1957871432

Yellowstone National Park. Moose, winter - kill

april 1948871433

per cuddy

October 1973871434

Elk eat bark. Quino. Olympic National Park, winter


Yellowstone National Park. Artemis died while using the game

april 1948871436

Color Family #3, Moose #17

27 september 1961871437

animal in a trap

October 1973871438

moose run

October 1973

calving field


elk in the bud of the selway mantis

June 1956881440

Glover Ridge afkalfgebied

31 mei 1957881441

Missionary's Knob, 4800' Elk Feedlot

21 mei 1956



Ballinger Natural Lammer

6 July 1960891443

Elk - no salt licks. 30. Mountain of Mist.

June 1957891444

Elk in bald area of ​​Corned Cattle Road (Lick 38) Glover Rdg.

27 mei 1957891445

Fire Cloth Banner in Salt Drops. Lick #34, 2 days after the fall

no date891446

natural balls licked out of the air

29 mei 1956891447

Elk on a hill near Stewart Hot Springs

8 mei 1958891448

Ballinger naturally licks about 45-50 moose. Taken from Cessna 180

29 mei 1956891449

Take 1954 and earlier with a drop of salt. Parker CR Crest


Zoutliksteen #98. Chess Ridge, E. Spur

21 mei 1957891451

Imitation salt licks. 1 drop - 1 year after drop. Note 2 lapped over craters and nautical lines. high cabinet

Augustus 1955891452

The cow takes the initiative. heart more. olympic national park

September 1956891453

Close Licking Elk 62. Glover Risge-Selway

10 mei 1957891454

Power Ridge close-up. Masterpiece painting bales. and mountain ridges (background). Up to 3-1955 drops of salt. Natural salt licks on the other side of the ridge to the left of center

15 July 1955891455

Zoutstation 2500' Cr. Exp. Zoutpijpleiding

3 mei 1957891456

Upper Fog Mt looking S towards Timothy Flats from 5500' near lick 32

7 mei 1957891457

Moose crest salt lickstone #32 - Mt. Selway

Augustus 1956891458

About licking Stewart Spa

8 mei 1958891459

The lick area of ​​Upper Stewart Springs

8 mei 1958891460

Mount Smoky Salt Lick-krater

July 1956891461

Lamer Secondary Ballinger Cr.

June 16, 1958891462

Lamer Secondary Ballinger Cr.

June 16, 1958891463

Lamer Secondary Ballinger Cr.

June 16, 1958891464

Moose atop Ballinger Hill

June 16, 1958891465

Worthless Senior Ballinger Cr.

June 16, 1958891466

Elk leaving Upper Ballinger Cr. Rim

June 16, 1958891467

Moose leave when licking B.C.

June 16, 1958891468

Elk above Cr.Rim on Ballinger

June 16, 1958891469

Panorama of Stewart Springs overlooking the river

8 mei 1958891470

Elk Herd - Ballinger Creek Nat Lick

June 1957891471

Ballinger Cr. above 2 moose licking naturally

mei 1957891472

View from Indian Hill Lookout

18 July 1957891473

Bull Elk - Cat Creek Basin. It has wallowed in the mud. Olympic National Park. C. Newman

no date891474

Stewart spa

8 mei 1958891475

The lick area of ​​Upper Stewart Springs

8 mei 1958891476

Panorama of Stewart Springs overlooking the river

8 mei 1958891477

Sitting area at Stewart Spa

8 mei 1958891478

Elk and Ballinger Creek lamer

June 16, 1958891479

Elk near Ballinger Creek, licking natural clay

20 July 1957891480

27 miles and la cresta. Good

June 11, 1956891481

Ballinger, of course, licks the air. Elk notes

29 mei 1956891482

Great natural salt licks. To compare. Created by W. Ballinger Creek. Selway, Idaho. In the photo: Bob Visser

June 1956891483

Ballinger Natural Lammer

6 July 1960891484

Lamadero Natural Lagere Ballinger Cr Idaho

3 september 1956891485

East Crater Lick #12. Imitation salt licks. 3 1/2 months after the fall. Indian Hills I've Walked

6 augustus 1955891486

Upper Stewart Springs

8 mei 1958891487

Lick the old traces off the closet. Problems caused by freight train placement


1953 Artificial salt lick. Parker CR Crest. inactive crater


3 links Toplinks

28 mei 1958891490

The lick area of ​​Upper Stewart Springs

8 mei 1958891491

Part of 291 elk in Stewart Springs

8 mei 1958891492

Country labels and plastic tags. Moose calves are 1 day old. Glover Ridge. Good

26 mei 1957891493

Fog Mt, Selway Box of color salt (D-S #5 methylene blue)

22 april 1957891494

Eroded salt blocks on Slide Ridge. Salt washes out 2,500 feet on land.

June 4, 1957891495

Looking west at the Selway Salting Study Area from Indian Hill Co. Lb

april 1955891496

Lameya Stewart Spa

8 mei 1958891497

Stewart Hot Springs 3 left downstream

8 mei 1958891498

Elk licking in the lower Stewart Hot Springs area

8 mei 1958891499

Exp.Determination of the effect of screens on weathering of exposed salt blocks 6 weeks


Migration roadmap

no date891501

Selway Salt Research Area. renshaw peak

1 september 1955891502

Widely regarded as crippled natural Colgate. losa r.

28 July 1963891503

Lik Colgate. losa r.

28 July 1963891504

Natural salt flats in Lochsa-Selway Country

no date891505

Controle zoutstation Boyd Cr.

3 mei 1957

summer range

documentGoalAfter the 90s1506

navigation line. 4300' at Closet Ridge

1955After the 90s1507

Typical cover for Cupboard Creek Ridge is 3000'

10 July 1955After the 90s1508

Wufeng 6535'

11 september 1958After the 90s1509

Summer Range Elk, Pocatello

June 1948After the 90s1510

Hunting area Pocatello. pruned branch tips

February 13, 1955After the 90s1511

Payette National Forest. Original Idaho. River Ranger District. Cotton Creek Meadow. summer moose

10 augustus 1965After the 90s1512

Elk Summer Range, burned on Selway Timber Post Mount

26 July 1949After the 90s1513

Payette National Forest. Original Idaho. River Ranger District. Cotton Creek Meadow. summer moose

10 augustus 1965After the 90s1514

Payette National Forest. Original Idaho. River Ranger District. Cotton Creek Meadow. summer moose

10 augustus 1965After the 90s1515

House Fly Meadows burns west of Indian Lake. Bitter roots in the distance. The largest El Capitan mountain on the horizon

31 July 1963After the 90s1516

per cuddy

October 1973After the 90s1517

Eland plant assortment. Sloot Cr.Selway R.

26 July 1949After the 90s1518

Gama de verano Elk 6000' Selway R. Bitch 湖

26 July 1949After the 90s1519

Summer moose assortment. Quinault River Olympic National Park

Augustus 1955After the 90s1520

Cold Meadows airstrip

June 10, 1965After the 90s1521

Chamberlain basin. Gravel pasture. pristine Idaho

July 1964After the 90s1522

1934 Branden, Sloot Cr. Selway R.

26 July 1949After the 90s1523

Chamberlain basin. Gravel pasture. pristine Idaho

10 augustus 1964After the 90s1524

Chamberlain basin. Gravel pasture. pristine Idaho

augustus 1964After the 90s1525

Chamberlain basin. Gravel pasture. pristine Idaho

augustus 1964After the 90s1526

Chamberlain basin. Gravel pasture. pristine Idaho

augustus 1964After the 90s1527

Chamberlain basin. Gravel pasture. pristine Idaho

augustus 1964After the 90s1528

Selwy-Bitterroot Desert. Nez Perce National Forest. Looking east from Wahoo Ridge

After the 90s1529

N. Star Cr. Summer Range Selway R. Elk

25 July 1949After the 90s1530

Looking west from the viewing platform to the Selway River Country

30 July 1951After the 90s1531

Ida-Mont Divide, Hoger St. Joe National Forest. De St. Regis Montana

29 augustus 1958After the 90s1532

Bear grass flower. Ada Bonner Co.

21 July 1950After the 90s1533

Indian Hills as seen from Cupboard Ridge. Note the Pete King Burn Line and Selway River in 1934

June 15, 1955After the 90s1534

Quatz Valley. Cerro Kilu. olympic national park

July 1955After the 90s1535

Elk herds crossing, high watershed. olympic national park

September 1956After the 90s1536

Hoh Valley from High Divide. olympic national park

September 1956After the 90s1537

Laird Park - An intensive journey of the Cedar Windfall

april 1952After the 90s1538

Bullion Pass looking east towards St. Joe National Forest

June 17, 1951After the 90s1539

herd of elk

april 1969

Universal cabinets and enclosures


Bitterbrush excluding 1 mile s. From Cascade Idaho, take US 95

7 augustus 1966911541

to go. Chapter, Fieldwork of the Wildlife Society. Sawtooth NF is near the Hostetter Guard Station.

6 augustus 1966911542

Deer, cattle and sheep are banned outdoors. Bostetter's sentry. Sawtooth National Forest

6 augustus 1966911543

Colgate Lick ruled out in Lochsa R.

28 July 1963911544

Exclude BLM. 13 N. of Shoshone Highway 93, Lincoln Co., Idaho

December 1965911545

Deer and cattle are excluded. Bostetter's sentry. Sawtooth National Forest

6 augustus 1966911546

Exclude deer. Hatmaker Cr.

16 september 1949911547

Coal mine flat land. Yellowstone National Park

april 1948911548

Experimental lot, South Fork Payette and Winter Field

29 July 1952911549

Types of signs used by Staatsbosbeheer

6 July 1960911550

Types of signs used by Staatsbosbeheer

June 6, 1960911551

Gedney CR Excluded


Gedney CR Excluded


Types of signs used by Staatsbosbeheer

28 July 1963911554

Colgate Lectra Lochsa R.

28 July 1963911555

Fish Stream; FS Elk Fence van Locksa

December 1957911556

coal mine level exclusion

april 1948911557

coal mine level exclusion

april 1948911558

White Cr Middle Housing Fk., Salmon

21 July 1960

Lochsa (Empty) Burn Survey


Fire investigation locations (map)

no date921560

Lochsa R. (Sherman Cr.) Lentebrandwonden

6 april 1966921561

moose on hill

mei 1971921562

Start Fall Burn Sherman Cr mislukt

October 10, 1966921563

Exclude travel to areas burned in the fall and spring

29 augustus 1966921564

Fire Lines Around Fall Fire Areas - Sherman Cr.

6 september 1965921565

Forest restoration after the fire of 1910. Lochsa River near Colgate Hot Springs

June 1965921566

Holly Cr. - Lochsa's Spring Burn. Largest yet (810 A)

2 mei 1966921567

Sherman Cr Burnt Falls

October 10, 1966921568

Graphs measuring changes in leaves and herbaceous seedlings

no date921569

Area restored since ClW Inception, St. Joe and Nez Perce Forests

no date921570

Results in April 1965 brought the fire under control. Fish Cr. in Lochsa

July 1965921571

1934 fires. Lower slope, Indian Hill facing north

augustus 1958921572

Combustion vessels Holman Cr. - Fuses

24 april 1967921573

SE'ly van Elk Country Clearwater N.F. L.O.

September 1949

Different types of


Clearwater N.F. Elk Country uit L.O.

September 1949931575

Bitterroots en Gibbons Pass

13 december 1949931576

Alce toro nadando Selway R. en Maiden Cr.

24 mei 1957931577

moose. Dirty hormones. Photographed by Stan Potts at Rush Pt-Big Cr.

February 1973931578

moose. Dirty hormones. Photographed by Stan Potts at Rush Pt-Big Cr.

February 1973931579

moose. Dirty hormones. Photographed by Stan Potts at Rush Pt-Big Cr.

February 1973931580

moose. Dirty hormones. Photographed by Stan Potts at Rush Pt-Big Cr.

February 1973931581

Herd of moose Bizo

april 1969931582

Spike de eland in fluweel. Yellowstone National Park

September 1953931583

Selway - Bitterroot Wilderness cerca de White Cap

October 1963931584

elk en lamer de sal en selwe


The cow moose runs. island park

March 1966931586

Bull elk at Ballinger Flat

no date931587

Elk crossing the Madison River. Yellowstone National Park


The cow moose runs. island park

March 1966931589

Vista generic Colgate Lectra. Lothar R.

28 July 1963931590

muslim 47

June 1975931591

per cuddy

March 1969931592

animal trap

no date931593

high fence. moose leave

March 1969931594

Bullion Pass looking west, 2500 feet above sea level, St. Joe National Forest

June 6, 1951931595

Moose calf (female) crossing the Selway River at Cow Creek

March 20, 1952931596

Elk in the meadows of Chamberlain Basin

June 26, 1965931597

moose crossing the river

March 26, 1957931598


april 1947931599

Alces en Glover Ridge Selway

10 mei 1957931600

Slash and burn, Clearwater N.F.



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