The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (2023)

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The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (1)

With 3,000 lakes and over 30,000 km of rivers and other streams, Berlin and the surrounding area of ​​Brandenburg has the highest number of inland waterways in Germany and, of course, as many bathing spots as there are grains of sand on a beach. And this is especially insummersimply unbelievable! Whether it's a traditional seaside resort, an idyllic forested bay, an artificial lake or a bathing beach on the Spree, Havel and Dahme: when temperatures rise in summer, the crystal clear waters often attract visitors, residents and visitors to the city . .

To give you an idea of ​​where to bathe, we've prepared aglobal visiondoBeach resorts that can be reached by public transport, with a look at some of our favorites here.Get your bathing suit...

Tip 1: Dämeritzsee: the lake in two states

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (2)

Every year the beach becomes theLago Dämeritzhas its first full weekend at Easter, although swimming is not yet on the agenda. As temperatures rise, the grass is greener, the water warmer, and the beach even more popular with Berliners. After all, you only need 30 minutes by S-Bahn from Alexanderplatz to Dämeritzsee. For an even more active workout, you can also ride the Euro Route R1 directly to the lake and cool off before heading back to the city.By the way, if you walk through the middle of the lake, you will swim in the Brandenburg waters.

Onde: S3 near Erkner (Oder-Spree)

Tip 2: Liepnitzsee – the turquoise lake

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (3)

For most, it's love at first sight, thoughthey keep theirsCycle to the edge of the forest and look out over the turquoise waters of theLiepnitzseebetween Buchen And when you take the last train back to Berlin's Gesundbrunnen station, you feel like you've just returned from a day off in another world.

Where: RB27 to Wandlitzsee (Bernau) + short forest walk

Tip 3: Wannsee: the classic

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (4)

IT ISStrandbad Wannsee It's a classic. With its elegant 1920s architecture and white sand, it is one of Berlin's most popular destinations for sunbathers, paddlers and sunbathers. On a sunny day the lines are long, so arrive early to grab a spot in the shade and enjoy a long day on the water. The bathing spots on the opposite side of the Wannsee am Wasser are also nice.

Please note that you currently need to book ticketson-linein advance.

Onde: S1/S7 para Nikolassee

Tip 4: Tegeler See and Flakensee: like in the Mediterranean

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (5)

As the second largest lake in Berlin,delay tilesIt attracts with beaches, sailing boats and a royal promenade. If it's too crowded for you and you're not afraid to drive a little further, we recommend the Mediterranean style on Flakensee. As you walk along the Woltersdorfer Schleuse promenade, the smell of the surrounding pine forest will remind you of the Mediterranean Sea. In the background, theFlakenseeIt is a good 8 m deep and is therefore highly sought after by water sports enthusiasts.

Where: Flakensee S3 to Rahnsdorf, then tram 87 to Schleuse Woltersdorf,Tegeler See S25 to Tegel + bus 133 to water sports club

Tip 5: Flughafensee – the lake around the corner

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (6)

Want to take a quick dip after a day at the office or visiting the city's museums? So a good choice issea ​​airport. The sandy path to the two largest beaches and several bays takes you through a small forest. Usually only a few children play on the bridge behind the entrance pond and use it as a base to jump into the water. Otherwise, there's a lot of activity on the lake, but the water is clear and sometimes even a pretzel vendor frolics on the beach.

Where: U6 to Otisstraße (Reinickendorf), then walk along Laubenkolonie towards the lake

Tip 6:Groß Glienicker Ver Süd - el claro

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (7)

how wonderfully clearGrand Lago Glienickein Spandau there are several DRLG bathing areas. The one in Groß Glienicker See Süd (Moorloch) has a lawn under the trees where you can comfortably spend the day with a picnic. It is best to combine the excursion with a bike ride.

Where: Bus: 135 - Church; Bus 234 - Cramps Weg/ Selbitzer Str.

Say 7: Krumme Lanke – or Studentensee

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (8)

This lake forms part of the Grunewaldseen and offers three official bathing spots; the water in the two bays at the north end is much shallower. When you find the grassa little too crowded, look for the small dots at the edge of the forest. a walkbraided wireBy the way, it is also beautiful in the dead of winter.

Donde: U3 hasta Krumme Lanke (Zehlendorf)

Tip 8: Schermützelsee: Full of nostalgia

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (9)

IT ISSchermützelsee* Buckow has been prized for its clean air since the 19th century. Surrounded by wooded hills and several lakes, this pretty little town in the state of Brandenburg has been a favorite getaway for many, including authors Theodor Fontane and Bertolt Brecht. So a great place for a trip and not just for swimming. The water in the lake is so clear that you can even see your own feet underwater. I particularly enjoy spending summer afternoons here by the lake, when it gets less crowded, the sailboats are starting to head back to their marinas, and the greenish water shimmers in the setting sun.

Where: RB26 towards Kostrzyn, Poland; Stop at Münchberg, then take bus 928 to Buckow Strand

*Not to be confused with the Scharmutzelsee in Bad Saarow

Tip 9: Schlachtensee – the one with the forest

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (10)

From the S-Bahn stationSchlachtenseeIt is just steps away from the popular sunbathing area overlooking the lake. Those who prefer a little more silence will find one of the small shaded bays along the water. And when you swim in the lake with clear water surrounded by beautiful trees, you will enjoy the perfect Berlin summer treat. There's also an open-air beer garden to cool off, and from there it's not far to Krumme Lanke.

Onde: S1 para Schlachtensee

Tip 10: Müggelsee, the biggest in Berlin

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (11)

The Wannsee in East Berlin, which is the lakeMüggelsee, which is also the largest lake in Berlin. Here you can feel the sand between your toes, play beach volleyball and eat delicious fries. The lido is also ideal for families with children, as there is a playground and a large shallow water area, which is also ideal for water games. The Müggelsee is also popular with surfers and sailors.

Where: S3 to Friedrichshagen, then tram 61 to Strandbad Müggelsee

Tip 11: Plötzensee - the occult

The best bathing lakes in Berlin and surroundings (12)

When you lie relaxed on the water surrounded by trees, it's hard to imagine that you're actually in the middle of Germany's biggest city and that you've passed factories and the western harbor on your way here. on the bathing beachPlätzseeIt exudes 1920s elegance, like a smaller version of Wannsee beach, a bit of countryside in the middle of town. In addition to a small beach, there are also extensive lawns.

Where: U9 to Westhafen, S 42 to Beusselstrasse. It's best to get there by bike.

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