The two surprising two aspects of the local Argentinian leader. My understanding of the mother of Meio Square (2023)

The two surprising two aspects of the local Argentinian leader. My understanding of the mother of Meio Square (1)

One day in February 2022 I went to the ISER Museum (School of Broadcasting Teaching), also known as the media, art and cultural museum of the Buenos Aires.fui. I was angry because I called her Spanish because it came from an areaThat connection kept the African continent (about six of them), but I forgot what it was.

The museum is located in this large glass building with a smaller glass building, which looks like the shape of non -fixed glass that hangs in a larger structure. This smaller position is closed at this point.

I can't understand most exhibitions such as Spanish. I discovered that if I read a Spanish language for a long time, there are enough words to be similar to English and French, and sometimes I can get essence. I have the best I can do,But I think I'm boring. The qualities of my travel partner are similar to my mother.He stopped reading every exhibition and sometimes I read several times.

I think people have collected this trend to the attention of the parent museum in the museum. If they are still children, they will spend time as effectively as they wait for each of the signs their parents start to enjoy.A new generation of Museumdawdlers. Although I am the son of the Dawdler Museum (I love a museum), I am currently trying to break through the trauma of this generation.

In any case, our expansion of our museum has given me a lot of time to think and investigate.

In the exhibition there is a room dedicated to a lady named Hebe de Bonafini. For what I can collect, she is an influential person.He occupied the Argentinian military committee of the 1980s to occupy the founder of the mother of missing children and mother May Plaza.

I will not enter the entire history of the military committee in 1980. This is a very goodFor this(Possibly you should write it later). All with all this is a military acquisition of a country in the country (under the influence of the United States and its allies), which stipulates that he must take over the government and all other forms of the CommunistsAnd all other forms must eliminate the general population.

In the hunt of the witch hunt with the ultrasound of McCarthy and the Chinese cultural revolution, everyone who regards the members of the Communist Party or the supporters of the Communist Party will stop and often killed.were stolen. In six years this grief was around 30,000.

With these abductions, 500 children disappeared. Mand suspected that when women kidnapped by various politicians were abducted, their children were re -assigned to new loyal families to discover that around 130 of them were discovered.These children appeared as adults as adults.hun account:

  • He doesn't look like his parents

  • I can't find a picture of her pregnant mother

  • See a big hole in their genealogy

Hebe (Hebe) (Hebe) (and others) founded a group of mothers (especially Meo Square) in 1977 and asked the government to respond every Thursday every Thursday. The two groups, because the three groups are considered undesirable group meetings.

Although their efforts were largely, the government sought and restored the correct monitoring of these children, most of these children became legal adults in the nineties, which cannot be such an explanation about children.

After the nineties, the grandmother transformed tactics into a propaganda movement aimed at the board of directors because it responded to the government's response. The half of the focus is to discover where their children are, and the other becomes modern radical factions.

Mother has become a good respect for Quito in the influence of Buenos Aires. They even have their own universities, "mother of Plaza Meio" at the National University Human Rights Research Institute

Back to Herber it is clear to me.The exhibition is destined to display it as a key figure in the human rights in the history of Argentina (in all reports she is). A continuous room registered an adult activist from youth to middle. In the end there was a small room, almost a hiding place, and his famous pastor Grandmother hung at the head of the human model. This is a simple blanca, which is engraved with an elegant slanting body on the edge. The room displayed is the full wall of the entire room.

In my opinion, the museum (especially for free) is a window for the government or guiding their institutions to hope that the public owns. There are a large number of free and variable quality museums in China.These museums have promoted what should be a powerful part of the party of the party on the locals. My favorite Chinese exhibition is a collage for Chinese farmers and soldiers, because "voluntarily" leaves the house, causing the Dam Prey to creation forThree canyons is possible.

Although this exhibition Herber seemed to define, the Argentinian people who talked about it had different views on her. The most people think that the problem of missing children is undoubtedly honest, but other aspects of Herber campaign are widely degraded.

The mother of the square can speak, and sometimes some people think of terrorist organizations.

This support includes the 2001 declaration of Hebe, which supports the attack on the World Trade Center on 11 September. Bijna all UN countries of the United Nations of the United Nations. For me this is a good example of a powerful leader.In the difficult period of the Executive Board it will be a problem in the simplest period.

Despite controversy, Hebe and Nérstor and Cristinernándekirchner became the best friend.He is a combination of male/female.The presidential positions in Argentina are between 2003-2007 and 2007-2015 respectively.Several power! Seems to be closely related to the current government.

Since the 1970s, the political drama of Argentina can be filled in, although I think every country can be said that it is the same. My greater conclusion in my museum in Argentina is that the current regime hopes to be absolutely clear to its component, andHis component has nothing to do. Leaders of the old military committee. I have visited other public museums with similar tendencies.

My Spanish friend experienced several other exhibitions before he left that day. A work exhibition of the famous cartoonist (no, no, no black hand) that I have to search and confirm Google. I went to the sun and continued quietlyThe trees and trees near San Martin Plaza.

I hope you find this very interesting.


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