What is the carbon footprint of my snowboard model? | Jones (2023)

How green are your plates?

A five-part story series exposing the carbon
Jones Board footprint.

How green are your plates?

A five-part story series revealing Jones Washers' carbon footprint.

End result

It all starts with recycled steel rims and recycled ABS sidewalls.

These are the first two sustainable materials we used in our first collection of panels.

When we decided to use these recycled materials in 2009, we couldn't calculate how much they made our boards more sustainable. We do not care. Using recycled materials was an obvious step in the right direction, so we did our best and never looked back.

We've made more decisions like this over the past twelve seasons. When there is an option to use more sustainable materials and shipping methods, or to reduce energy consumption in production, we don't hesitate to take that opportunity. We know that some of these decisions have a greater impact on sustainability than others, but we recognize that even small things can add up as we move forward.

What is the carbon footprint of my snowboard model? | Jones (1)

Jeremy Jones en Chris Christenson / Foto - Andrew Miller

2020 has been a great year for us. We didn't just do anythingmajor sustainability improvements, but we also finally understand the impact of all the large and small sustainability moves we have undertaken over the years.

We unravel this understanding through an in-depth analysis of the life cycle of a Jones board, including all stages of production, distribution and eventual death. The purpose of this analysis, known as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), is to calculate the estimated environmental impact of each snowboard and splitboard model we sell. This LCA project is sponsored byEcological park, a Dutch environmental company, is one of the world leaders in assessing the environmental impact of companies.

HeHow green is your plate?A blog series sharing the combined results of this LCA project.first partDetails how our move to 100% solar power can reduce our impact.the second partExplains how the materials we use and the production process affect the sustainability of cardboard.the third partAnalyze how product transport affects the carbon footprint. Andfourth partAn introduction to how the fate of a ski after retirement affects carbon and environmental costs.

In the last chapter of this series, we are happy to share the overall results of the LCA, including some interesting additional information on the environmental impact of snowboards in addition to CO2 emissions.

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Photo - Andrew Miller

total carbon footprint

To calculate a snowboard's total carbon footprint, we add up the impact of the material, the production process, the material transport and the final product, plus the CO2 emissions created when the end-of-life board is disposed of.

We found that materials have by far the largest impact on a board's carbon footprint, accounting for 67% of the total.Hearing this confirms how important it has been for us over the years to manufacture our panels with so many recycled and sustainable materials. Switching to bio-based epoxies is an especially critical step, as bio-resins alone account for 20 percent of the material's carbon footprint.

What is the carbon footprint of my snowboard model? | Jones (3)

What is the carbon footprint of my snowboard model? | Jones (4)

The transportation of materials and finished goods has the second largest impact, accounting for 22% of total emissions. This confirms why we strive to ship products only by sea and eliminate all air freight. Shipping uses almost 100 times less CO22then air freight.

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Average carbon footprint per plate

We focused on the impact of a single slab and calculated the carbon footprint of each model based on its specific construction and materials. We then averaged all of this data to find an estimated average impact for Jones skis and splitboards.

What is the carbon footprint of my snowboard model? | Jones (5)

What is the carbon footprint of my snowboard model? | Jones (6)

The difference in the average carbon footprint of a snowboard versus a splitboard is due to the extra material in the splitboard, including clips, extra inserts and extra edges. These particular split pieces must be shipped to our facility, adding to the impact of shipping, and must be treated when the splits are removed, adding to the demolition impact.

Carbon footprint of different models

Because materials play such an important role in a board's carbon footprint, board models that use the least amount of material have the smallest carbon footprint. The models in the Ultra range with more technical construction and carbon fiber materials have the largest carbon footprint.

Next year, Hovercraft and Women's Hovercraft, with engineered wood veneer top decks and ink-free laser-etched branding, will be our most durable solid boards, while Women's Hovercraft Split and Hovercraft Split will be our most durable splitboards.

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Additional environmental impact of materials

While reducing our carbon footprint is our top priority as it is vital in the fight against climate change, we are also concerned about the other environmental impacts of our production. These aspects are most influenced by the materials we use.

In our material analysis, we calculated the environmental impact of each material in nine additional categories:

Expand each category for more information

The amount of fossil fuels used to produce materials.

Amount of water used for material production.

The amount of land used for material production.

The amount of secondary air pollutants released during the production of materials.

The amount of algae-forming nutrients released into groundwater during material production.

The amount of acid-forming nutrients released into the soil during material production.

The amount of algae-forming nutrients released into the ocean during material production.

Amounts of chemicals released into groundwater during material production.

The amount of chemicals released into the ocean during the production of materials.

Bio-based epoxy resins contributed the most in five of the nine main categories. This is not surprising since epoxy resin is a petroleum product and is made through chemical processes that produce various by-products.

Fiberglass and plastic materials - side walls, roofs and baseboards - also had a notable impact in most categories due to the specifics of their production and by-products. The wood core is known for its impact on agricultural land use, which makes sense since it's the only material that requires a lot of land to produce.

One of the main goals in calculating these additional environmental impacts is to identify "hot spots". Impact "hot spots" are impacts that stand out and, if addressed, can significantly reduce our overall impact in that category.

Like our analysis of carbon emissions, bioresin epoxies stand out as "hot spots" in most of these additional categories. The switch from standard epoxies to bio-based epoxies in 2019 was a solid first step, but there is still a lot of room for improvement in making our bio-epoxies more sustainable and reducing the amount we use.

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We have nothing to hide, because our mission hasn't changed since day one: to make the best performing, most durable snowboards we can.

What is the carbon footprint of my snowboard model? | Jones (7)

Timmy Taussig / Photography - Andrew Miller

We hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at our LCA results. We are excited to learn in such detail about the environmental impact of snowboarding and are proud to share this information with you.

If you have questions about any aspectHow green is your plate?series, feel free to contact us in the comments.

Source information:
This story uses data generated by our partner Ecochain in the Netherlands, who helped us analyze the life cycle and calculate the carbon footprint of Jones skis. Ecochain uses the ecoinvent database and the ReCiPe calculation method for analysis. If you have any questions about the results presented in this article, feel free to contact us at[email protected].

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Does Jeremy Jones own Jones snowboards? ›

Snowboarding pioneer Jeremy Jones founded Jones Snowboards with one goal: To make the ultimate snowboarding gear that balances unmatched performance and durability with industry leading sustainable manufacturing practices.

Are there two Jeremy Jones in snowboarding? ›

One is Jeremy Jones the insanely crazy backcountry legend and the other is Jeremy Jones the urban shredder. In hindsight the two combined would be one hell of a career for just one Jeremy. So for anyone who has also been in the dark 'til now, here's some information on the two Jeremy's.

Who did Jeremy Jones ride for? ›

He was sponsored by, Burton, Anon, Milosport, and Nixon. Jeremy was selected by Peter Line to join Forum Snowboarding, where he became part of the original eight snowboarders of the Forum team.

What happened to Jeremy Jones? ›

On Wednesday January 11th, legendary freestyle snowboarder Jeremy Jones of Salt Lake City was in a snowboarding accident in the Utah Backcountry. As a result Jeremy suffered multiple broken bones in both of his legs and had to be Life Flighted to the nearest hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

What board does Jeremy Jones use? ›

Hovercraft Snowboard

Add to compare tool Product added!

What size snowboard does Jeremy Jones ride? ›

Jeremy Jones is 5'8" (1.73m) tall, weighs 150 lbs (68kg) and wears a US 8 boot. Jeremy rides the Hover/Ultra-craft 156 cm.

What is a double black in snowboarding? ›

The double black diamond is typically the most advanced type of run at a ski resort. It's a completely different type of riding when compared to a groomed run. Today we talk about how to ride a double black diamond on your snowboard.

Where did Kendall Jenner snowboard? ›

Kendall Jenner Shreds The Slopes With Her Snowboard in Aspen.

What gear does Jeremy Jones use? ›

After years of testing, riding, and refining, the Jones Solution splitboard is still Jones's go-to board for long backcountry missions. Its light weight coupled with a stable yet surfy ride style make it perfect for foot-powered freeriding.

What crampons does Jeremy Jones use? ›

Splitboarding redefined with the Jones MTB BOA. Lightweight and aggressive Vibram outsole with heel welt for semi-automatic crampons. Getting into the boot and transitions from walk to ride mode have never been quicker with the redesigned dual BOA layout.

Where are Jones splitboards made? ›

Jones Snowboards is a snowboard, snowboard binding, and snowboarding clothing & accessories manufacturer based near Lake Tahoe. The company was founded by renowned freeride snowboarder Jeremy Jones. The company has received numerous awards for its snowboards. Jones snowboards are manufactured in Dubai.

Where does Jeremy Jones live? ›

Personal life. Jones lives in Truckee, California, with his wife, Tiffany, who is a real estate agent in the Lake Tahoe area.

Are Jeremy Jones and Todd Jones related? ›

The Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based action sports media company was started in 1995 and has been producing movies featuring some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world — including Todd and Steve's brother, Jeremy Jones — ever since.

Is Kai Jones related to Jeremy Jones? ›

Filmmaker Todd Jones, the co-founder of Teton Gravity Research (TGR), is Kai's father, and legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones is his uncle.

What does W mean in snowboard size? ›

Waist Width. The waist width is the width of the snowboard at its narrowest point. It is typically measured in millimeters. Narrow waist widths can be rolled from edge to edge faster than wider snowboards.

What is freeriding snowboard? ›

Freeriding is defined by the use of natural terrain, and it tackles nature and natural challenges head-on. It eschews artificial obstacles such as rails and halfpipes that freestylers rely on, and it does not require remote regions associated with backcountry riding.

How do I find the perfect snowboard? ›

Snowboard shape: Choose a directional board for high-speed carving, a true twin board for park and pipe use, or a directional twin for all-mountain riding.
Snowboard Size Chart.
Rider Weight (lbs.)Snowboard Size (cm)
6 more rows

What snowboard does Jamie Anderson use? ›

For over a decade Gnu has had the pleasure of partnering with the stomping-est, steezy-est, winning-est ruler of all time, Jamie Anderson.

What is a good snow depth for snowboarding? ›

The depth of the snow should never be below 1 foot as debris from the ground could interfere with you. 2-3 feet is the ideal depth as it provides a smooth cushion without being too deep and restricting movement.

What is a 9 in snowboarding? ›

9 – Refers to a 900, spinning 2 and a half times around. 10 – Refers to a 1080, spinning 3 full rotations. 12 – Refers to a 1260, spinning 3 and a half rotations. 14 – Refers to a 1400, spinning 4 full rotations. 50-50 – Taken from skateboarding, where you ride straight over a box or rail.

What does 1620 mean in snowboarding? ›

1620: This is pretty straightforward. Kotsenburg made four full 360-degree spins, and one 180-degree spin. Three hundred sixty times four plus 180 equals 1620.

What is a bonk in snowboarding? ›

Bonk: Hitting a nonsnow object with the snowboard.

What is a kook snowboarding? ›

It basically means “someone who pretends to be someone whose not” and/or “someone who tries to fit in but with exaggeration” (courtesy of the urban dictionary). We're here to help people understand the definition of a kook and how to lower the chances of looking like one.

Where does Justin Bieber snowboard? ›

See what gear they are riding here! Justin Bieber was seen in Aspen last week snowboarding with Kendall Jenner to celebrate the New Year. With X Games about to kick off, stars are in and out of the small destination town all month!

Can Kim Kardashian ski? ›

It's not the first time Kim has gone skiing with her kiddos. Back in 2019, she shared a snap of herself and Saint on a snowy mountain in ski gear. Kim captioned the moment, "Perfect New Years in Wyoming."

Why did Chloe Kim quit snowboarding? ›

Kim told online news service Cheddar News the decision was “just for my mental health.” “(I) just want to kind of reset. I don't want to get right back into it after such a fun, but draining year, at the same time, knowing that it was an Olympic year," she said.

What is split snowboard? ›

A splitboard is essentially a normal snowboard which splits into two halves. These halves become skis for travelling uphill, or touring. To enable the rider to walk uphill, adhesive-backed 'skins' are attached to the base of the skis to provide traction on the snow.

What splitboard bindings does Jeremy Jones use? ›

Karakoram is the binding that's taken Jeremy Jones Deeper, Further and Higher than anyone in the history of the sport; behind the scenes with the boys who revolutionized splitboard bindings. Tyler Kloster visits the White Room via contraptions of his own invention.

What are C1 crampons for? ›

C1 Crampons

These crampons are known as basket binding or flexible crampons. They are designed to fit boots that are fairly flexible, but will still fall off if you wear them on flexible summer hiking boots.

What is the difference between spikes and crampons? ›

While similar and used for the same purposes, microspikes and crampons are different. The main difference is the terrain that they are used on. Crampons are more often used on steep, icy terrain, while microspikes are best for flat, packed snow or ice-covered trails.

What is the difference between ice cleats and crampons? ›

The difference in the design of Crampons and Microspikes is related to their different uses. Crampons have fewer but larger spikes (usually 1” in length) that improve grip on ice and snow by embedding well into them. On the other hand, as the name suggests, Microspikes come with smaller spikes (¼” or ½” in length).

Are Jones boards pre waxed? ›

Jones boards are ready to shred straight out of the shop and are factory waxed with WEND natural wax.

Does Jones own now bindings? ›

The Nidecker group encompasses the snowboard brands YES (founded 2009), Jones (founded 2010) and Slash (founded 2012) - as well as NOW bindings.

Are Burton boards made in China? ›

Burton snowboards are made in five different locations around the world, including China, Taiwan, Austria, Poland, and the United States.

Who owns the rights to snowboard kids? ›

It was developed by Racdym and published by Atlus.
Snowboard Kids
Publisher(s)WW : Atlus EU: Nintendo
Director(s)Hideki Yayama Takeshi Murata
Producer(s)Hiroyuki Tanaka
Designer(s)Yumiko Hattori
7 more rows

Where are Jones snowboards made? ›

Jones Snowboards is a snowboard, snowboard binding, and snowboarding clothing & accessories manufacturer based near Lake Tahoe. The company was founded by renowned freeride snowboarder Jeremy Jones. The company has received numerous awards for its snowboards. Jones snowboards are manufactured in Dubai.

Why is Snowboard Kids 2 so rare? ›

Already in short supply, the snowboarding sequel didn't sell well enough to warrant a second production of cartridges. With scarcity comes value, and it wasn't long until Snowboard Kids 2 was on par with Nintendo 64 mainstays like The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Harvest Moon 64 in terms of worth.

Where is snowboarding banned? ›

How is this still a thing? At the moment, just a few major American ski resorts prohibit snowboarders: Mad River Glen in Vermont, and Deer Valley and Alta, both in Utah. That's been true since at least 2009, when Taos, New Mexico finally allowed snowboarders on its slopes.

Can a girl ride a boys snowboard? ›

While a women can ride any snowboard, a men's board may not be great if her feet are too small for the board's waist width. A larger sized woman with medium to large feet may ride a men's board efficiently. A woman may also choose a softer men's board to suit her weight and muscle mass.

Where are K2 boards made? ›

Made right here in Washington State, the USA K2 Alchemist Snowboard is built for experienced snowboarders looking for a quick, fast, and hyper-precise snowboard that will confidently perform anywhere you take it.

Where are Bataleon boards made? ›

All Bataleon boards are hand-built in Austria at the Mothership with focus on craftsmanship and exceptional materials. Not only do Bataleon boards ride well but they look great, with graphics that stand out from the crowd.

Who is the owner of Teton gravity? ›

Todd Jones - Founder - Teton Gravity Research | LinkedIn.

Does Jeremy Jones wear a helmet? ›

Protecting that vital piece of equipment is important, so Jones always wears a helmet, especially when riding big terrain.

Who is Todd Jones wife? ›

Personal life

Jones currently resides in Pell City, Alabama with his wife Michelle and his son Alex (born October 7, 1994) and daughter Abby (born May 22, 1997).

What is Shaun White's snowboard company? ›

Today, Whitespace is releasing a new, limited-edition snowboard created with premium retail and experiential brand AspenX. The AspenX LE Freestyle Shaun White Pro is the first-ever collaboration of its kind for Whitespace and AspenX.

Where is Salomon snowboards from? ›

Marketing for Salomon Snowboards is based in Portland, Oregon, near Mount Hood, while design and development takes place at the base of the French Alps, in Annecy, France. Salomon Snowboards produces a full line of hardgoods for men, women and children including snowboards, bindings, and boots.

Where are Shaun White snowboards made? ›

Where will the boards be made? The boards are made in the same locations as Kemper Snowboards which is at GP87 factory in China.


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