Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile? Solved... Something like that? (2023)

If you're like me and wondering, "Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile?" - I was wondering how MetroPCS can offer T-Mobile cell plan service without a contract at a fraction of the price, based on my personal experience trying to use them.

First, let's discuss low-cost airlines and my excitement, hopes, and dreams for a Metro PCS. As the frugal businessman that I am, I like to save money. I also like beautiful quality technology (especially smartphones). Combining good technology with frugal cost savings is a challenge when it comes to affordable business cell phone plans.

Speed ​​test between Metro PCS and T-Mobile (Prepaid, Essentials, Magenta Plus) and also Mint Mobile. video creditStetson Dogget– Incorporated under Youtube Fair Use

As you can see in the video above, Metro PCS and T-Mobile speeds are pretty similar depending on the plans being compared.

Of course, I don't want outdated landlines that are not only expensive but also bulky and impractical for my travel needs. Having been with Republic Wireless before, and with a variety of providers, I'm used to wireless providers not having stores you can go to for support. In fact, I'd rather just sit on the phone and get help than hang out in a store.

I was wondering "how difficult is it to set up MetroPCS byod (bring your own device)"?

Being a bit technical, I accepted the challenge.

In short, the answer to "Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile?" It's that their customer service is inept.

(Video) My LAST T-Mobile video!!..Why I left T-Mobile & where I went

Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile? Solved... Something like that? (1)

Before you get too deep, you might want to consider buying something T-Mobile related, supporting methrough this linkto buy on Amazon. Seriously, help.

SPOILER ALERT: If you're looking for a decent alternative to MetroPCS and don't want to pay for T-Mobile as a single user,This is what I am using at the moment.

I originally planned to "switch to MetroPCS" from Republic Wireless at the end of my monthly bill cycle. Going from a $25/mo plan to a $30/mo plan isn't a huge price difference, but I thought I wouldn't get a refund for unused days. Fortunately, Republic Wireless actually credits and sends you a refund within 3-5 business days.

You'll get tired of the "3-5 business days" line after a while.

So I stopped at the local MetroPCS dealer (well, the local store, not Walmart). The guys at this Metro PCS location in Blaine MN (Blaine, MN 55434(763) 432-2941)they were very nice. Despite being slow (more than an hour from entry to exit) they were kind and made the initial toll for my number and sold me a smartphone with "change and save” pricereduction. Not a bad way to get a cheap prepaid smartphone.

That said, my plan was (and I explained to the manager and close customer rep) to activate a phone with a SIM card and then transfer that plan to my unlocked LG G3 with 32g storage, 4k video camera and microSD card, which is pretty much the best phone for listening to a lot of podcasts (as of 2013). (That's the main reason I left Republic in the first place: the impossibility of having a premium phone with microSD storage.)

after initial1-2 hoursAt the store, I was told that Republic Wireless had registered my number as a home phone and would take it3 to 5 daystake my number In the last hour of 5 days they finished porting the number.

At the store they bought the new phone that they sold me to make calls and connect to data, but they told me that SMS and incoming calls would reach my old device (Moto X - Original 16GB).

When I called customer support (before I went to the store) they told me that when I got the new phone I just had to call customer support again and they would add my IMEI (SIM card and phone number) and activate it with the new APN settings and everything would be fine (as long as my phone was unlocked, which it was).

(Video) Will a T-Mobile iPhone work on metroPCS?

After replacing the SIM card, I had problems: the phone did not receive data or could not send text messages. I was able to make calls (which was a sign that the SIM card was inserted normally). After countless (no less than 5) calls to customer support and resolution of data issues (literally more than3 hourson the phone for a few days) they told me that new changes were being made and that I would have to waitanother 48 hours. Until then nothing could be done.

Woohoo - 48 hours later still not fixed. after spending a lot3 hoursTrying to fix the problem: I was told to update some MetroPCS APN settings with the T-Mobile APN settings. This solved the internet problem, howeverI still can't send a text(either mms or plain text)

Despite the constant expenses, what is the solution?from morning to afternoonwith customer service?

In order to speak to a support representative, they needed to fill out a support request and I was supposed to do itPlease expect a lead time of 3-5 days– after which I receive an email or a call. They told me not to lose my MetroPCS support ticket as the number is very important.

Have I been asking for a manager these days and days and hours and hours? Yes naturally. And they have no one above them who can help them.

Why is MetroPCS cheaper than T-Mobile?

When you pay the premium price at T-Mobile, you get customer service that can escalate an issue up the chain of command.

Spoiler: Lastly, I used the information I'm going to share with you below to get MetroPCS working on my jailbroken phone, but it literally took me days to find this information. So if this information helps you, please share a link to this page somewhere on the internet to help others. Be social, Reddit, wherever.

If you're wondering how to get texting to work with MetroPCS and need APN settings, try the combination in the table below.

It worked for me!

(Video) How To Get UnLimited Metro By T-Mobile For $10 Here Is How!

I'm just going to see how many days now it takes for them to contact me with the support ticket.#3bis5Trabalho# meter pieces


Update February 4, 2016:

While I was able to resolve the SMS issues myself (see APN settings above if you're having trouble texting LG G3 on MetroPCS), I have no idea if I made all the necessary changes or not.6 business days later– no call from technical support yet.

I learned that since their system recognized my sent messages,You have completed the support request(without ever notifying me that they closed), so I haven't heard from tech support.

Oh, I'm probably overdoing it. Why did I call tech support? Why did I call you 90 minutes ago and why is MetroPCS tech support so terrible? I got the message that my 4gb data was gone and he was trying to sell me $5 for 1gb of 4gb data. No, thanks. When I switched to MetroPCS from Republic Wireless, I previously only had the 3G data plan. I got around 1-1.5mbps on 3g and was told to get around 900kbps on MetroPCS. It's not terrible, it's still cool because it streams (unlimited) videos and allows unlimited connection...

Turns out I was getting 120kbps, and that was a limited 4g (not 3g) data connection. It didn't kick me out of 4G, it just slowed down my connection. During the90 minutesWhen I tried to clarify, the reply was that my slow connection was normal as I had a limited 4G data plan. Sorry, 120 kbps is not MetroPCS' "normal 3G connection speed".

They took the fast 4G connection, gave me a connection that could easily handle more data, and then told me it was a normal speed 3G connection... and said there was nothing they could do.

The fact that they show me I'm using a 4G connection, and just choke me, and are willing to sell me more data, which would now result in faster speeds... but they say it's a technical limitation of my data. the connection gives... Double talk!

That would be one thing if you said you were connected to 3G towers, but if you went from several Mbps to now 120kbps while sitting at home talking to tech support and trying things, while still connected to 4G, that's intentional limitation and not it is a technical 3G accelerator.

(Video) MetroPCS: No Internet Data / No Mobile Data / No Cellular Data? No Problem!!!!

As a temporary solution, they offered to give me a one-time bonus of 1GB of High Speed ​​Credit. My opinion: I don't want to have 2GB of high speed and then let my internet die (120kbps doesn't even let my apps work, which used to work fine on 3G with Republic).

After mentioning a blog, the customer forwarded the call to their manager John, 304640, who offered a $10 discount on my next bill, and would try to give "this" support ticket a high priority so they could try to resolve the issue. problem "as soon as possible". He then expected me to receive a response from technical support within the allotted time.5 Tomo(But remember, it's actually 7 days if you include the weekend... well, I guess clients will leave you alone if you tell them 5 days, as long as it's correct... except why you're explaining to clients that 5 business days are not days? Ugh...)

So here we are and why MetroPCS is so much cheaper than TMobile again, in two words:Customer Support.

I hope this answers your question: "Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile?


2021 update

Wow, it's been a hot minute since I vented on this blog post.

I'd feel a little bad if I didn't ask literally every employee how they could fix the problem, how they could do something, and they couldn't or wouldn't.

MetroPCS Clockcollective action of its employeesSo bad leadership, bad training and bad management don't surprise me. They also face another class action lawsuit."Unfair business practices, false and misleading advertising and breach of contract"

If you want to see who I've been using since 2019 and who I'm really happy with, click the photo below to check coverage in your area. Paying my phone bill once a year is fine.Why is Metro PCS cheaper than T Mobile? Solved... Something like that? (2)

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